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BurpyErnie Sun 13-Jan-08 00:28:36

Love this book even though I have only read it the once (bit scared to read it again in case I don't like it as much) and I spend many hours banging on about it to my friends who, once they have read it too love it just as much. i love the prologue, as it really sums up the way I feel about the book and how to try and grasp the meaning behind it is kind of futile because everything is a bit mental and the world is full of loonies. If you do love it as much as me I recommend tracking down a hard back copy of it as each chapter is printed in the colour the protagonist is using as ink (you'l understand when you read it). It has moments of beautify writing and also some very hard to read passages with regards to what human beings are capable of infilcting on one another. But I think its a joy.

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jofeb04 Mon 18-Feb-08 15:16:32

I finished this the day I posted it on, but have had RL in the way of posting about it!

I really enjoyed the book - not my normal type at all. Took some time to finish it, and think that if I read it in longer chunks, I would have enjoyed it even more.

Going to be buying the hardback

kslatts Thu 21-Feb-08 22:53:38

I started this book today, this is definately not the type of book I would buy but first impressions are good.

kslatts Mon 17-Mar-08 14:50:23

Wow, I really really enjoyed this book, and when I first received it I didn't expect to as it is not the type of book I would normally go for. I'm going to be buying the hardback and am looking forward to reading it again.

thegrowlygus Sun 20-Apr-08 21:45:53

Oh I tried, I tried. But i just didn't like it.
And I could appreciate that it is beautifully written but I just didn't like the story. I didn't warm to the characters at all.

I suspect if I wasn't so sleep deprived I may have enjoyed it more as I had to read it in short bursts so never really felt fully into it.

Although the hard back sounds interesting!

BurpyErnie Wed 23-Apr-08 20:26:36

Balls, well if you didn't like the story there not much you can do. The sleep deprivation wouldn't have helped mind! Maybe its one for your retirement by the pool! the hardback's good to have around just wave at people when you've been drinking wine.

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