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ellceeell Sat 12-Jan-08 11:55:48

This book made me laugh, although sometimes in a hugely cringing way! I've re-read it a couple of times and spotted something new.
It's better than the film - darker, I think.

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sophiewd Tue 01-Apr-08 20:11:05

Saw the film and really enjoyed that and got so much more from the book. I remember starting college and feeling desparate to get into the irght group that suited me and thankfully did very early on and so I do feel for him. Although both girls came from a privileged background they both had different values in life and thank the lord he ended up with the nicer one. I though t that the author captured the very difficult transition between losing frineds thta you have grown up with but following different paths and finding your niche at uni. It was a very well written and wonderfully observed look on life in the 80's,

MrsWeasley Thu 08-May-08 00:12:41

I really enjoyed this book. It made me cry, it made me laugh out loud and it made me smile, a lot.

Would re-read it.

twofishes Thu 05-Jun-08 10:56:28

A good easy read..read it whilst 'cooking' dinner, on the school run etc very good to pick up any time,. recognised a lot of the 80's stuff and thoroughly enjoyed it as a feel good funny book (with some cringey bits!) haven't seen the film but might look it out...

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