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IsThereAnybodyOutThere Fri 11-Jan-08 19:58:15

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sophiewd Tue 05-Feb-08 10:47:08

Wow, what an incredible book and brilliantly written but given his other offerings it is no surprise.

I do agree with you about being funny, but found that was only at the begiinning of each 'chapter'. I was dragged through all the other emotions as well, anger, astonishment, and incredible sadness, and shock about how easy for one boyhood prank to get completely out of control and for him to end up where he did. And at the end when he saw all his old friends in the street I did wonder about how he may have turned out if they had told the truth at the beginning.

I was also picturing this as a film all the way through and was succedding quite well.

For thos who come after I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

seeker Sat 03-May-08 16:08:25

I'm on page 187 - and it is SOOOO sad I'm having to stop for a while! I'm assuming it gets worse rather than better? I feel a bit the same as I did when I was reading We Need to Talk About Kevin, only much more so!

twofishes Mon 05-May-08 21:45:08

I had this before passing on to Seeker....don't know why but struggled to get into the flow of this (think this is more to do with oodles of sick kids and DP in house over last few weeks than the book thoughhmm)....ended up skipping a lot to try and finish and must be honest failed blush
Anyway have ordered it from our antiquated library and will post a better review when I have read it properly!!

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