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seeker Fri 11-Jan-08 11:59:04

I dithered about choosing this book, largely because it's one of a series and not the first. However, I decided that there was enough background in the first few chapters for anyone who's never read a Darkover book before to understand what's happening, and I particularly like the bits that take place in the Amazon house, so I chose this one, rather than the book that comes immediately before it chronologically.

I think it's quite old fashioned now, and the feminist/multi cultural message is a bit clunking. However the characterization is still brilliant, and it's a fab story. I love the depiction of women's relationships, and the way Magda and Jaelle deal with the very different restrictions of each other's worlds.

Remember that it it of its time, and enjoy it!

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IdrisTheDragon Mon 14-Jan-08 10:12:08

I received this on Saturday and have to say it is not a book I would normally have looked at, which is very good smile.

Have been ill over the weekend sad but am looking forward to starting it smile.

seeker Mon 14-Jan-08 10:44:59

You and me both - the book I got is one I wouldn't have touched with a barge pole - to the extent that I am quite scared to start it!

Sorry - I didn't mean to hassle you!

(my ds has a large red soft toy dragon called Idris!)

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IdrisTheDragon Mon 21-Jan-08 13:57:50

Have been enjoying this book so far smile.

Keep getting a little confused about people's names (especially when they seem to change depending on where they are/who is talking to them etc) but definitely a good choice from you smile.

IdrisTheDragon Wed 30-Jan-08 16:19:14

Finished it last night and really enjoyed reading it smile.

Have now bought another one from the same series on ebay and looking forward to reading that too smile.

Although I still haven't quite worked out all the names...

seeker Wed 30-Jan-08 21:49:33

So glad you enjoyed it! Try The Shattered Chain or my particular favourite The Forbidden Tower. Which one did you buy?

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IdrisTheDragon Thu 31-Jan-08 09:53:19

Have bought the Shattered Chain smile.

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