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thegrowlygus Fri 11-Jan-08 07:48:31

OMG - just realized that I can't spell...the title should be NLMG....doh. I knew I would balls this up...

Maybe I should restart the thread... blush

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thegrowlygus Fri 11-Jan-08 07:46:26

OK. BIt of an odd one this. I chose it because it is a book that despite having read it some time ago, still resonates and unsettles me.

I enjoyed it, although I don't know whether some might find it too unsettling given the themes of the story - I don't want to say too much as it would give away the plot and I think it is better read when you aren't quite sure what is going on (as the children in the book aren't either).

Having read some reviews of it, I hadn't really realised what my main thought throughout had been which was "why don't they run?"

I hope the other quichey book clubbers like it, and if not, at least find it interesting and thought provoking. And hopefully more discussion when a few more of us have read it!


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