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twofishes Thu 10-Jan-08 23:00:11

I discovered this Author when I was at college (many moons ago) and loved his 'regular' books they made me smile and even laugh out load on trains (v.annoying!)..this is different from his usual style but I really enjoyed it as I have a child with a similar imagination, think it will be one that will either bore you to tears or you'll really enjoy...Feeling very nervous about it !!!

FluffyMummy123 Fri 11-Jan-08 11:20:29

Message withdrawn

IdrisTheDragon Wed 30-Apr-08 09:23:10

I received this today - have read it already but am looking forward to reading it again smile.

seeker Thu 01-May-08 10:56:50

I was looking forward to this because it was the only Bill Bryson I had never read. I was a bit disappointed, I think - it seemed a bit bland compared to his travel stuff. I think I like him when he's a bit more barbed!

Loved the warm, very humand memories of his family, though. I wonder why he never talks about his brother and sister. Do you think they said "Put us in a book and DIE!"

I'm really sorry you got it so late, Idris. I thought I had posted it, then I found it in the h=boot of the car blush

MamaG Sat 02-Aug-08 17:54:54

I have to confess that I found it bored me to tears blush

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