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Quiche book club- ABBDIARA by CB

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havalina Thu 10-Jan-08 22:26:37

I chose this book because I do indeed love this author, he is funny suspenseful, gritty and brilliant. His plots do veer into the implausible but that is what I like, the book that hooked me is another, and I went out and read all of the authors work.

I enjoy the author because he is not scared of a good rant and the books always flow quite well (he could devote more to the endings).

hope you all enjoy.


BurpyErnie Wed 16-Jan-08 14:40:22

I've got it! It arrived yesterday, will be starting it tonight.

BurpyErnie Wed 06-Feb-08 22:49:57

Finished it! Yep it's incredibly implausible but that makes it all the more fun to read. A cracking yarn wich is not too taxing on the brain cells (very useful for me I can tell you)... unless you want to go into the "will men ever grow up" aspect of it, the protaganist reminded me of a lot of males I have know wink.

jofeb04 Wed 19-Mar-08 07:46:11

Really enjoyed this book. Very easy to read, obviously not very realistic, but that made the book so much more fun to read.

mumto2daughters Fri 25-Apr-08 14:18:30

Fantastic book, easy to read and hard to put down.

havalina Sat 03-May-08 02:13:48

So glad people have enjoyed it, I do like a bit of CB

thegrowlygus Wed 14-May-08 11:02:14

Finished it last night! Really enjoyed it actually.
Thought the stuff at the beginning about being with a new baby was very true, and funny.

Was it me or did Angel and Ray make some rather giant assumptions that just turned out to be right? But liked it despite that!

ellceeell Tue 22-Jul-08 21:38:45

I tried about three times to get into this - and was really put off by the language. So, I was ready to post it off unread, then had to wait up for dd1. With nothing else to read, I started it again ............ and just kept reading ......... and was hooked! There were surprises, and I laughed - so I'm glad I gave it a last chance! grin

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 22-Aug-08 21:51:22

We had a guest stay with us last year who reccommended this author, this book I actually bought about a month later in our village shop, tried to start it and it remained unread on the shelf. My God I have wasted time, it was fab, it was so OTT good fun and I giggled, I did get confused when they were in the power plant but I ain't an engineer. Am trying to encourage DH to read this and will start buying his other books.

Thank you.

MrsWeasley Sat 20-Sep-08 19:00:01

Sorry late adding my review. I didn't enjoy this book much, sorry. The language really put me off I'm afraid and so I lost interest.

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