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thegrowlygus Thu 13-Mar-08 15:57:06

Well. I did enjoy it although I wasn't sure at the start, it really started to draw me in. It seemed all a bit contrived that everything was connected however (but then I guess it wouldn't have been a story then would it hmm)

And it did keep me guessing until the end about 'whodunnit' which was good. I don't think i would go out of my way to read another one by the same author, as I prefer Patricia Cornwell (but perhaps that is because I am medical and hers tend to have quite a medical bent to them). I did also feel as though I was perhaps missing a bit of the back story as the characters have been in several books and I wasn't sure if there was meant to be romantic overtones with the 2 main people (rebus and siobhan) or whether there had been previously or I was just imagining it!

So do let me know what you reckon!!

thegrowlygus Fri 22-Feb-08 08:51:22

Received safe and sound. Am just finishing a god-awful book (I can't bear not to finish a book unless it is really really dire) and will get started. Not normally a genre that I read that much of and yet when I do I really enjoy them so looking forward to it.

But if I like it I suspect I will have to read all of them which could prove time consuming!

kslatts Thu 21-Feb-08 22:50:13

I enjoyed this book, I don't think I would buy books by this author in the future but it was good to read siomething different to what I would normally go for.

kslatts Fri 18-Jan-08 09:10:24

Received book a couple of days ago. Not the type of book I'd normally read so quite excited. I read a few pages on the train this morning and first impressions are good.

FluffyMummy123 Fri 11-Jan-08 11:38:52

Message withdrawn

jofeb04 Thu 10-Jan-08 15:51:19


I choose this book because I love books in this genre (sp?). I found it easy to read, easy to follow,and generally a book I could read for either short or long periods of time without any difficulty.

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