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QUICHE BOOK CLUB - the getting organised thread!

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MamaG Fri 04-Jan-08 11:11:37


MamaG - need book details blush
mazzystar - need book details
MrsWeasley - have all info
burpyernie - have all info
havalina - have all info
onehackedoffmuma - need NAME, ADDRESS and book detail
Vacua - need book details
the growlygus - need book details
ellceeell - have all info
IsThereAnybodyOutThere - have all info
kslatts - have all info
SantaBeClausImWorthIt - need book details
leoleo - have all info
seeker - need NAME, ADDRESS and book detail
spanielsmom - have all info
shoshe - need book details
jezzemex - need book details
kittylouise - need book details
twofishes - have all info
heifer - have all info
idristhedragon - need NAME, ADDRESS and book detail
jofeb04 - need book details
sophiem - need NAME, ADDRESS and book detail
sophiewd - have all info

So, to clarify, I haven't heard anything from onehackedoffmuma, seeker, idristhedragon and staceym. If anybody "sees" them on MN, could you please ask them to email me?


MamaG Fri 04-Jan-08 11:20:16

I have catted the above 4 (I told you I was bossy!)

IdrisTheDragon Fri 04-Jan-08 12:41:45

I have replied smile

MamaG Fri 04-Jan-08 14:30:39

Thanks Idris, got your email.

A few people have asked about hard backed books. Does anybody have an objection to hard back books being included? Will cost a bit more to post, but it doesn't bother me.

Shall we assume its OK, unless someone really objects?

jezzemxmas Fri 04-Jan-08 14:46:15

It's OK with me grin

SantaBeClausImWorthIt Fri 04-Jan-08 14:47:33

Hardbacks OK by me!

Have e-mailed you my book title as well.

IdrisTheDragon Fri 04-Jan-08 14:47:33

I'm happy with hard backed books smile

MrsWeasley Fri 04-Jan-08 15:42:04

ok with me too smile

leoleo Fri 04-Jan-08 17:01:21

My book is a hard backed - so fine with me.

Re:The reviews was thinking how about we number the books or something like that or name them the mumsnet name that 'donates' the book and then we can look at the reviews when it's relevent? Could that work? If we don't spoil it for ourselves.grin
I think the review idea is good, just trying to find a way for it to work..

Staceym21AtLast Fri 04-Jan-08 21:05:02

im around but still havnt picked a book, will do right now then email you blush sorry!

Staceym21AtLast Fri 04-Jan-08 21:05:55

maybe the idea someone else had earlier, we send a small notepad with each book and write our reviews in that so we can read the reviews after we've read each book

what you all think?

IsThereAnybodyOutThere Fri 04-Jan-08 21:09:24

Message withdrawn

onehackedoffmuma Fri 04-Jan-08 21:24:52

apologies for delay in replying I've had a longgggg day sorting out work - I start my new job on Monday and things have been a wee bit manic!

I have just emailed my details through to the book club email addy!

Am tres excited!


SantaBeClausImWorthIt Fri 04-Jan-08 21:32:48

Notepad idea is a good one. Could also be an interesting way to explain why the original sender chose to send this book, why it was enjoyed so much, etc.

I'm re-reading my choice actually!

And looking forward to getting my mystery book.

mazzystar Fri 04-Jan-08 21:55:15

i like the idea of a thread about the books - that way its more likely to be a conversation rather than just a review. we can make a rule about no spoilers or have a look away now signal if alluding to the plot is inevitable

i don't mind knowing which books are on the list , but happy to go with whatever really.

Staceym21AtLast Fri 04-Jan-08 23:23:16

have emailed now mamag!

thegrowlygus Sun 06-Jan-08 07:02:18

Having e mailed mamag last night with my book choice I dreamt about the book circle last night and I dreamt that I got 3 books at once and they were all Jodi Picoult ones!! I was saying to my DH "ooh - I hope that it's not all Jodi Picoult!"


Looking forward to my first Jodi book! I quite like her books so not a problem!

(dreaming about mumsnet.......that's a bit sad isn't it?!)

seeker Sun 06-Jan-08 08:18:43

Will email shortly - I'm having such angst about choosing - is it too popular, too odd, too poncy, not poncy enough, too highbrow, too lowbrow...........! I will go and choose NOW!

BBBee Sun 06-Jan-08 08:32:40

stumbled across this - intrigued byt he name (why "quiche"?)

If anyone has a few minutes can you explian your plans (don;t worry am not going to crash in and ask to join am just interested by your idea and might try and copy it for some local women who have a book group that has ground to a halt!)

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 06-Jan-08 21:53:28

I know we haven't decided, but I have bought a notebook today!

Raring to go and waiting instructions.

I seem to be surprisingly excited by this!

MamaG Sun 06-Jan-08 23:42:35

HAve now heard from everybody with contact details. Just need book titles from the following :-

MamaG blush

Have we decided about notebooks/review thread? I agree, I think I'd prefer a thread for each book (poss numbered or just using initials, i.e. HPATGOF by JKR instead of full titles?

will go with majority vote tho.

IsThereAnybodyOutThere Sun 06-Jan-08 23:47:27

Message withdrawn

MamaG Mon 07-Jan-08 08:58:37

BBB - we have blatantly nicked the idea from other threads, but basically there are 24 of us and on a date to be set, we are all going to send a book to someone else in the group (I will give everybody one other person's address if that makes sense). Say we do it on the 14th, on the 14th of every month, you send on the book you received last month to the next person and so on. After 24 months, we should, if all goes to plan, gte our original book back.

Suedonim on antohre thread suggested that we include a notebook so that when you ahve read athe book, you can put comments in that - or we could have a thread to discuss the book on.

I guess you could do something similar in person, rather than posting

MrsWeasley Mon 07-Jan-08 18:34:12

I got all excited for a moment about receiving HPATGOF by JKR grin then remembered that I own all HP books and have read them more times than I like to admit towink They are my "comfort" read grin

I too dreamt about MN the other day but it was after reading this thread blush


Staceym21AtLast Mon 07-Jan-08 18:42:15

well i think a 'conversation' thread would be good but a notebook for reviews?

dunno, up to everyone else, i dont 'do' decisions!

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