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Nuffaluff's book - TAOTA35 by GMB

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newroundhere Thu 01-Aug-19 17:23:29

I actually found this one quite a struggle to read as I too couldn't find much to like about any of the characters. I had to force myself to keep reading to the end. I felt like not a lot happened really and I didn't really care what did. I think maybe I struggled with the role of the narrator moving between characters? Also I found the preamble and epilogue about the "author" a bit confusing.

It's definitely the sort of book I would have picked up to read but I don't think I would have finished it if I wasn't reading for this.

Pashazade Wed 01-May-19 17:20:38

I couldn't decide on this book. It is well written, sense of place is very good and it's very evocative. The characters on the other hand were just so self absorbed and I really struggled to like or care about any of them. It's also quite meandering so I found myself getting bored half way through. The last third is excellent in terms of pacing. I find it interesting that it's is billed as a mystery as that part of the story is really very minor but I'm not sure what you'd label it as otherwise. Not an author I will follow up, although I can sort of see why it has the rave reviews, but it's just not to my taste. smile

clairethewitch70 Mon 15-Apr-19 13:44:23

Please put your reviews here.

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