Gin and Tolstoy (Summer 2018): Book 5

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KeithLeMonde Sun 01-Jul-18 17:33:07

Discussion thread for group 1, book 5

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RosehipHoney Sun 08-Jul-18 18:32:29

I picked this partly because of association to the lovely holiday cottage where I found and read it, and partly because of the sense of honour, consideration and innate, well, politeness of the characters. I found it soothing and reassuring and filled with tenderness.

Fizzywinegum Mon 09-Jul-18 07:39:47

Hello Rose I got your book thank you. I’ve brought it away on holiday with me to read. It’s nice to hear that you also associate the book with a holiday.

It’s probably not the sort of book that I would have chosen myself but looking forward to trying something different.

I like the idea of it being soothing and reassuring smile

Fizzywinegum Tue 24-Jul-18 15:06:28

I read this book on holiday and wanted to like it more than I did. I found most of the characters were written as cliches and there were too many things going on in the plot that distracted from the main story.

However, I did like Mrs Ali’s character and I did enjoy her developing relationship with the major. The ending was also nice and heartwarming.

I don’t want to appear negative and I’m sure that other people will enjoy the book.

iloveredwine Fri 27-Jul-18 13:39:25

Just started reading this book. I had never heard of this one so will be interesting.

iloveredwine Sat 11-Aug-18 09:56:30

I've finally finished this book. it is one that I would never have picked. It is not a book I would choose to read again. I felt it was a nice gentle story but I kept putting it down to read something I enjoyed more.

Badtasteflump Wed 23-Jan-19 10:47:06

Just finished this and I enjoyed it more than I expected to. I was drawn in at the start but a couple of chapters in the story got a little slow, so I struggled to keep reading.

But I'm glad I did, it grew on me despite being a very slow build up (or gentle, I suppose you could say smile) and in the end I really enjoyed it.

RosehipHoney Wed 23-Jan-19 11:19:35

Glad you enjoyed it Badtasteflump, and so nice to have someone post a review!

Badtasteflump Wed 23-Jan-19 11:34:03

Ha you're welcome Rosehip! I have to admit I always feel a bit disappointed that there don't seem to be many new reviews being posted... I was hoping to have some differing opinions and thoughts to chew over on here.... so I'm feeling bad I did such a short one now grin

One thing I would say - not sure if it's a negative or just my 'take' on the story and the way it builds - I found it surprising the way the Major and Mrs Ali seemed to go from being very reserved, almost shy with each other, and neither giving the other much indication that they were romantically interested. Then suddenly they're running away and bonking in the hideaway! It seemed such a huge jump that I wasn't sure if the course of their relationship was completely unbelievable or if I just hadn't picked up on subtleties in the writing.

I did really enjoy it though smile

diamantegal Fri 08-Mar-19 17:14:57

A nice gentle read to finish the swap for me. I agree with Fizzywinegum that the characters were all quite clichéd, but I think it was just that sort of book. I also thought that it all became a bit improbable in the end, but maybe that's the cynicism of 20+ years with the same person - none of that impetuous romance for us!

That said, I found it very easy to read, and did enjoy it, but probably not too the extent that I'll look out for more by the same author.

@RosehipHoney - do you want your book back or shall I charity shop it?

RosehipHoney Fri 08-Mar-19 21:21:12

Charity shop is fine @diamantegal - sorry to see the end of the swap

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