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Summer Book Swap?

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KeithLeMonde Thu 24-May-18 16:11:54

Following on from the chat about blind dates with books, speak up here if you fancy doing a book swap.

Chewbecca Fri 01-Jun-18 20:37:18

Is it too late to add one more please? Love being prompted to read something different/new.
and love an excuse to eat chocolate

Fizzywinegum Fri 01-Jun-18 20:40:03

Yes to chocolate!

CherryBlossom23 Fri 01-Jun-18 22:23:19

Ah okay, yes then sign me up please if its not too late. Also yes to chocolate! smile

diamantegal Fri 01-Jun-18 22:57:29

Don't do chocolate myself but have an 8 year-old DS who will happily take one for the team! So yes, why not?

<Continues staring at bookshelves to work out what to send>

iloveredwine Fri 01-Jun-18 23:01:19

yes to chocolate

JustfortheHalibut Fri 01-Jun-18 23:30:37

If it's not too late please add me to the list. I read a lot but have never found a way to be part of a 'regular' book group due to work and other stuff.

Agree with no 'misery lit' though. It's supposedly Summer - would love to read things that are uplifting and thought-provoking!

tobee Sat 02-Jun-18 00:54:30

Can't think of any taboo subjects!

Yes to chocolate- ssshh don't tell anyone.

lilywhiterosegirl Sun 03-Jun-18 16:44:59

Am I still too late to apply?! Love reading, but no worries if so, I know there has to be a definitive cut off point (also- for what it’s worth, yes to chocolate... a book, chocolate bar and a glass of wine is the absolute combo!)

Etihad Sun 03-Jun-18 17:01:25

I'd also like to join if not too late please

diamantegal Sun 03-Jun-18 23:05:52

I make that 15 people - we'll be going for over a year if we keep it up! And lily completely agree on the glass of wine front, but not sure that will fit so well in the post...

aleysha Mon 04-Jun-18 15:19:50

I would like to Join too

yaela123 Mon 04-Jun-18 20:47:49

It is probably too late but if not I would love to join although I'm sure I will be judged for my bad choices

tobee Tue 05-Jun-18 20:09:00

I think we're all going to feel about like that about our choices @yaela123

Queenie72 Tue 05-Jun-18 20:12:31

Me too if not too late , and yes to chocolate too - fab idea

MyGastIsFlabbered Tue 05-Jun-18 20:47:29

If it's not too late I'd love to join in

iloveredwine Wed 06-Jun-18 07:56:01

when are we going to start it? the 1st of next month? gives me time to find a suitable book!

KeithLeMonde Wed 06-Jun-18 14:39:07

Sorry everyone, been awol for a few days .

We now have 19 people interested. I'm very happy to say yes to everyone but split into two circles of 9-10 each as I don't think we will realistically keep a swap going for over a year and a half.

Sounds like a yes to chocolate, and no taboos other than keeping clear of misery/abuse books.

I'm going to PM everyone who's expressed interest so please keep an eye on your inbox. I know it's a bit of a wait until the end of the month but I think that would be the ideal time to post off our books - I should have planned the timing a bit better when I originally posted!

KeithLeMonde Wed 06-Jun-18 15:12:49

PMs sent to:


If I've missed anyone then please shout!

KeithLeMonde Wed 06-Jun-18 16:05:12

Oh one other thing we will need is a name - or two names! Recent names have been Reading Between the Wines, A Novel Idea, Tequila Mockingbird

I am rubbish at thinking up names but I know that if someone goes first then other people will jump in with other, far superior, ideas. So I am getting the ball rolling with

Summer Readin'
Gin and Tolstoy
Death by Choco-Lit

clairethewitch70 Wed 06-Jun-18 16:08:03

Is it too late to join?

yaela123 Wed 06-Jun-18 16:13:09

I'm rubbish at names too - those aren't too bad, my favourite is the choco one.

Two circles sounds good and more realistic - more organising for you though! Thank you for doing this btw

Fizzywinegum Wed 06-Jun-18 18:29:01

I like death by choco - lit.

Thanks for organising this Keith - need to have a think about my book choice now.

lilywhiterosegirl Wed 06-Jun-18 18:32:21

Also a fan of Death by Choco-lit but all the suggestions are great! Thanks for organising it, I’m excited already to see what everyone chooses.

Regarding the no misery/abuse requirement, does this mean no misery memoirs or no novels with themes of misery/ abuse? Just realising how dark a lot of the fiction I read actually is... not sure what this says about me hmm

tobee Wed 06-Jun-18 18:58:55

Thanks for doing this Keith. Are there any restrictions on choc allergy etc wise or will you let us know individually?

KeithLeMonde Wed 06-Jun-18 19:58:08

@clairethewitch70 not too late, I think if we break the groups into two I can squeeze another couple of people in smile I will PM you now.

@lilywhiterosegirl, personally I would say no misery memoirs and no books where abuse is a main theme. Hope that doesn't rule out too many!

@tobee, hopefully PM has reached you - I've asked everyone to let me know of any no-nos for chocolate (dislikes or allergies) and will pass them on along with the posting details where appropriate smile

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