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Spring 2018

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mailfuckoff Thu 19-Apr-18 10:34:29

This is a new thread for anyone who wants to swap books.
It works by every 1st of the month we post a book to someone, we start with our own book and then swap the one that you get sent, and so on until you get your own book back.
It will last for the amount of people involved so you need to be able to commit to two things. One to be involved for a number of months and two to read a book a month.
If you want to join please let me know by 26th April and pm your address. The first swap will be 1 May. Normally we send up to 2.50 worth of chocolate with the book. Please let me know any choc requirements you may have.
Any questions please ask

clairethewitch70 Fri 20-Apr-18 11:51:45

Can I join please. I really enjoyed the last swap we were doing. I will PM my address.

mailfuckoff Fri 20-Apr-18 12:52:30

Thanks, have got your pm ;-)

myusernameisnotmyusername Sat 21-Apr-18 07:41:24

I was also in the last one and would like to join please.

mailfuckoff Sat 21-Apr-18 12:26:16

Thanks myname can you pm me your address please

BigPinkOrchid Sat 21-Apr-18 20:20:19

I'd like to join too please, was really enjoying the last one. Thanks for organising mail, I'll pm you my address now.

mailfuckoff Sun 22-Apr-18 06:06:09

Thanks Orchid, got your pm

JustHavinABreak Sun 22-Apr-18 06:29:17

Can I join in even though I'm in Ireland?

mailfuckoff Sun 22-Apr-18 06:43:01

Just, do you know how much the postage is for a small parcel to Ireland? If its comparable to UK (3 pounds ish) then I'm happy to have you on board. 😁

mailfuckoff Thu 26-Apr-18 06:10:18

Just a recap.
I have 2 addresses big pink Orchid and Claire the witch.
If you would like to be involved please pm me your address today

mailfuckoff Mon 30-Apr-18 16:55:07

Hi, there are 4 of us, I will pm details tonight so if you could send book one this week that would be great grin

BigPinkOrchid Tue 01-May-18 09:28:53

Are we sending chocolate too or just books?

mailfuckoff Tue 01-May-18 17:46:26

Chocolate again would be nice

TheGirlWhoLived Thu 03-May-18 21:25:19

If you have space for a wee one i'd love to be on board - if I am going to cock up the numbers (for want of a better phrase!) then no worries grin

I was on a book swap a year or so ago but unfortunately went through a tricky personal time so had to dip out - I've changed name since then though!

mailfuckoff Thu 03-May-18 21:49:04

Hi, I'm still waiting for two to reply to my email, give me a couple of days and I will include you in.

BigPinkOrchid Fri 04-May-18 10:25:19

I posted to Clairethewitch yesterday, so you should have it soon.

mailfuckoff Fri 04-May-18 10:40:48

Hi, so just waiting for my username to check in. thegirlwholived please pm me your address and I can add you in.

TheGirlWhoLived Fri 04-May-18 10:53:53

i've Pm'd you smile

The last one I was on was ReadingBetweenTheWines, are you going to name this one?

mailfuckoff Fri 04-May-18 10:57:41

We can have a name but I can't think of anything witty, all suggestions considered!

TheGirlWhoLived Fri 04-May-18 11:37:05

I like alcohol based names but can't think of a literary twist!

Tequila Mockingbird
Powered by Prosecco
A Novel Idea
Literally Literary

I shall have to have a good think...

clairethewitch70 Sat 05-May-18 16:45:38

Received today thanks

myusernameisnotmyusername Sat 05-May-18 21:47:51

Sorry all. I didn't realise you were waiting for me! blush I messaged earlier to say I can post the book on Tuesday

Mailfuckoff Sun 06-May-18 07:35:39

Great, now to set up a thread with a witty name!

Mailfuckoff Mon 07-May-18 07:24:29

Hi, sorry I don't know how to link threads, but we are now tequila mockingbird book group grin

clairethewitch70 Mon 07-May-18 14:47:58

New thread

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