Nov 2017 - celama's book

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JorlyWood Fri 24-Nov-17 20:53:38

Thread to discuss celama's book.

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JorlyWood Thu 11-Jan-18 01:20:24

I have just finished this book this evening. I started reading it as soon as it arrived but as I have mentioned before it didn't get me hooked and I lost interest in reading for a while. This week I have started it again and have thoroughly enjoyed it this time. It starts off a little slow but as it begins to come together with different revelations I struggled to put it down.

It is definitely not a book I would have picked up myself but I tend to only stick to one or two genres. I do feel I need to branch out some more so I am tempted to try her other well known book. Thanks for the lovely book. I really enjoyed it once I got into it.

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clairethewitch70 Tue 06-Mar-18 16:55:07

This is a book that I would have picked up at the store. I really found it hard going though. Not much seemed to happen and it didn't hold my interest. I ploughed through it, but honestly was relived when I got to the end. I had such high hopes after the previous novel by this author was dramatised ( which I really enjoyed). I wonder whether the rights have been sold to tv for this book too - it may play out better on screen than paper, as the author tends to use 20 word when 5 will do.

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