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What to do with unwanted French / Italian books?

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ReallyExhaustedLlama Fri 17-Feb-17 11:55:21

Asking here as I thought some of you book lovers may have some good ideas on this: I am sorting through a lot of old books and have lots of French & Italian books from my student days - mostly novels which were set texts. What can I do with them? Is there a particular charity which might want them? I'm assuming local charity shops won't want them as not many people will be looking to buy foreign books or can they send them somewhere central?

ImperialBlether Fri 17-Feb-17 11:57:09

Whereabouts are you? My daughter's brushing up her (degree level) French and would love some novels.

Didn't someone say on here that some charity shops send everything to a central location?

Spudlet Fri 17-Feb-17 11:59:26

I'm trying to brush up on my Italian... I'd happily buy second hand books, I just haven't had the time to look for any yet.

anonymice Fri 17-Feb-17 12:04:11

big branches of Oxfam books happily take and sell foreign language texts. In Leeds Oxfam I used to see all sorts. Lots of French and German but also Danish, Japanese, even Irish.

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