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Reading Between the Wines - Insufficiently Caffeinated's book

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InsufficientlyCaffeinated Thu 05-May-16 18:24:46

I really enjoyed reading this book. I think it's powerful but in a really subtle way. It's basically just about all of the life and the fact that for most people life isn't lurching from one big thing to another but constant and sometimes beautiful and sometimes grinding. I found Eleanor's depression quite realistic in its portrayal, although perhaps a bit unsympathetic but then it was told from the perspective of David so it's how he saw it. I'm adopted too so I related to that element

The beginning bit was a little incongruous with the rest of the book which threw me a bit at first

mailfuckoff Sun 08-May-16 16:14:22

Hi I've finished it. A great story - I couldn't put it down and some bits I read to dh, especially about his attitude to Eleanor. my mother is adopted and it's a bit like her journey do I can relate to parts of the issues. I still don't know who my mother's birth father is and may never know so understand the not knowing. I agree you have to get through the first part and then the story starts

RufusTheReindeer Thu 30-Jun-16 22:39:27

I agree it was a very interesting story

I really enoyed the beginning funnily enough, lost it a little three quarters of the way through and regained my mojo and just whipped through the last few chapters. Beautifully written and i did love when the writer talks about what could have beens....if that makes sense to anyone who has already read the book, i dont want to give too much a way

Didnt end as i expected sad and i did feel awfully sorry for Dorothy

Funnily enough my mum didnt know her birth father and was reclaimed from an orphanage by her abusive mother in her early probably quite an apt novel for me as well

RatOnnaStick Thu 06-Oct-16 20:07:39

I enjoyed this book although I found it a bit hard going from the middle to near the end. I thought the characters were well drawn and seeing Eleanor from the Pov of David was interestingly done I thought.
I wouldn't have chosen this book but I'm.glad I persevered to the end.

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