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Of Mice and Maltesers 6: LolaLadybird's book

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LolaLadybird Tue 09-Jul-13 17:57:57

Thought I would get this started whilst I remember. I hope you all enjoy the book. To be honest, I was a bit stumped for a choice this time around and really couldn't decide between two other books so, in the end, as I had read this book only weeks before I decided to plump for this one.

I really enjoyed this for being such a page turner, spent many an evening reading way past my bedtime because I couldn't put it down! I found the whole story intriguing and compelling but also found the references to mental illness at the end very moving so for me it was more than your average crime thriller.

I've since lent it to a colleague who said she enjoyed it and also to my dad who said it 'went on a bit' and wasn't that impressed so given the mixed feedback, I'm really interested to see what you all think of it ...

WannabeFayeMouse Mon 02-Sep-13 14:14:43

I was not hopeful when I started reading this. I wouldn't say detective fiction is my normal fare, and I didn't like a dead family to start off with - too upsetting. If it hadn't been book club I would have put it back on the shelf.

But it was book club so I persevered. And really got into it! The narrator was I thought very dislikable at the beginning, but as I kept reading I understood more and more why he was like he was. The setting I though was really clever. I haven't been back to Ireland since the crash (I worked in Dublin for 6 years) but I have wondered what on earth it is like to live on the "ghost estates". They are just the sort of place you'd think something like this could happen.

So thank you Lola, I did really enjoy the book in the end!

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