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Of Mice & Maltesers - chat thread for round four.

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AgentProvocateur Tue 01-May-12 16:36:03

Remember to initial the book before you send it. Looking forward to reading this round of books.

artifarti Fri 08-Jun-12 12:26:54

No, will try and do it later.

No book for me yet - is it on the way? Hope so - I've nearly finished Hearts and Minds which is vair good.

stickyLFDTfingers Fri 08-Jun-12 23:23:31

is that Rosy T's Hearts and Minds arti? AgentP the book arrived today, thank you!! ... so that's the one Arti would have had, if it had arrived? Had Arti read it already - if not I could post back to Arti after I've finished, who could send on to Aristo after? (if that's not getting too head bending!)

artifarti Sat 09-Jun-12 07:11:36

No, Amanda Craig's H & Ms - didn't know there was another one, is it good? I have already read the book you now have so don't wory about sending it to me, thanks.

stickyLFDTfingers Sat 09-Jun-12 07:39:16

rightio, that makes things easier. The other H&M is about university life, so I have a special interest, but I think it's good anyway. Light but intelligent iykwim.

AgentProvocateur Tue 12-Jun-12 10:15:18

I enjoyed Amanda Craig's H&M too.

Arti, have you got your book yet?

artifarti Tue 12-Jun-12 10:36:09

No, no book yet. Moved onto Ian McEwan's Black Dogs now (a short one in case book arrives grin)

artifarti Fri 15-Jun-12 09:54:28

Still no book here. I am assuming JohnWorf has my new address now?

artifarti Fri 15-Jun-12 11:29:20

Book arrived - thanks! I have already read this one too though sad but I did enjoy it so will collect my thoughts and post on the thread.

aristocat Tue 26-Jun-12 09:27:45

Dysgu look out for the postie ......... I have sent the next book a few days early because I have finished it smile

AgentProvocateur Tue 26-Jun-12 14:05:04

Aristocat, I posted today, so you should get it by the end of the week.

AgentProvocateur Tue 26-Jun-12 14:37:56

Aristocat I'm so sorry - I've made a chocolate mistake! I bought chocolate and posted when I was out, and I thought it was coffee and orange you didn't like, but I now see it was nuts. I can't remember what I ended up buying - I swithered a lot - but I think I may have gone for one with caramelised nuts. If so, pass it on to your DH, and I'll definitely remember your likes and dislikes for next month.

aristocat Tue 26-Jun-12 17:10:06

AP don't worry. You have immaculate timing though!

stickyLFDTfingers Fri 29-Jun-12 15:22:50

I went and bought some chocolate for you today aristo - just think people up and down the country are buying you chocolate!! Should finish the book this weekend and post on Monday. That is if I am capable of walking on Monday - I'm running a trail marathon on Sunday shock, and yet still running my running group on Monday shock shock so I might be collapsed in a heap! Might be a case of crawling to the post office...

stickyLFDTfingers Thu 05-Jul-12 11:13:24

hi arti I notice you had already read the book you got last month... does that mean you'd have sent it to me already? I don't think I've had it, but also a bit concerned that you sent it and I've forgotten about it (head like sieve). If you haven't no worries, just when you're ready!

artifarti Thu 05-Jul-12 14:48:09

I posted it this morning so should be with you soon. Can you remind me what your choc likes are? I put in dark but then got a horrible feeling you didn't like it...

aristocat Thu 05-Jul-12 18:09:50

AP thank you I have the book and have almost finished it. Chocolate has been stashed in the cupboard ( for one of those emergency moments IYKWIM).

Should be able to post early dysgu would that be OK?

stickyLFDTfingers Fri 06-Jul-12 15:15:25

no arti that's right - I am a dark girl by preference. I do just like chocolate full stop, but dark is my favourite smile Thank you!!

artifarti Sat 14-Jul-12 13:42:59

Thanks for the book and chocolate johnworf. They did arrive but you sent them to my old address again. Will PM you as well.

aristocat Sun 15-Jul-12 23:18:19

Did you post to me sticky nothing has arrived yet? I will post to you early Dysgu I have read the book smile

stickyLFDTfingers Mon 16-Jul-12 13:09:40

aristo I did - ages ago! Would have been the Tuesday after I posted about getting the chocolate I think, so July 3... where on earth can it be?

aristocat Mon 16-Jul-12 13:55:22

sticky hmm thats odd ...... I will check with my sorting office and see if they have a parcel for me and didnt leave a card.

stickyLFDTfingers Mon 16-Jul-12 20:15:50

I hope they still have it aristo, that's really strange. I posted a parcel to my brother on the same day, and his arrived the next day. So you'd have thought yours wouldn't have been so far behind.

aristocat Mon 16-Jul-12 22:44:13

sticky I telephoned today and they told me there were no parcels waiting for me to collect sad I shall go there tomorrow and try again ...... can you PM me what the book is and where you posted it from <<hoping it will help>> crosses fingers for tomorrow. I will let you know how I get on.

aristocat Tue 17-Jul-12 23:09:34

no book sad for me to collect ....... PO appear to have lost our parcel hmm

AgentProvocateur Sat 21-Jul-12 21:39:12

Hi, everyone. You're all about to start your summer holidays, and we're more than halfway through ours. We're just back from France, which was lovely despite the weather not being as hot (or as dry!) as we'd hoped.

Has everyone got the right book? Any sign of yours, Aristocat? That's the same one that got lost in the first posting, I think. It must be jinxed! Give it a couple of more days - it's the one you were due on 1 Aug, anyway, I think.

I had a reading-fest on holiday; The Art of Fielding, The Sisters Brothers, Freedom (one of the best books I've ever read) and The Fountainhead. I also re-read my book for this round, and I'd forgotten the ending completely! I had forgotten that it could be construed as contentious, so apologies if it offends anyone's sensibilities.

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