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Of Mice & Maltesers - chat thread for round four.

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AgentProvocateur Tue 01-May-12 16:36:03

Remember to initial the book before you send it. Looking forward to reading this round of books.

artifarti Tue 01-May-12 17:46:18

Marking my place.

aristocat Sat 05-May-12 00:15:47

Thank you AP my book & chocolate is here smile

artifarti Tue 08-May-12 15:55:01

No book for me yet. Who is my poster?

AgentProvocateur Tue 08-May-12 15:59:46

JohnWorf is posting to you. She said on her email that she'd be posting it on the 2nd. If you've not received anything by tomorrow, I'll send her an email. Maybe the public holiday has held things up.

Has everyone else got their book?

ProfCoxWouldGetIt Wed 09-May-12 08:30:41

Are you open to new members in your swap club?


Dysgu Wed 09-May-12 20:03:28

Thank you aristocat - the book and chocolate arrived - I have finished the book so will look for your thread to post a comment. Perhaps we should have a chocolate discussion thread too - that one was interesting and not something I had ever tried (or even seen) before!

Sorry Johnworf but we have not had any internet connection for the past week at home and I cannot access my hotmail address in work (silly school firewall emoticon!) but, having got everything running again at home, I have now managed to address the envelope and the book and chocolate will be on its way to you tomorrow.

AgentProvocateur Wed 09-May-12 20:04:22

ProfCox, we've just started a round, but I'll give you a shout when we start our next one , and if you've not found another one by then, you'd be very welcome.

stickyLFDTfingers Wed 09-May-12 23:04:37

I am intrigued by what Dysgu got for her chocolate selection this time! I am well into my book now (thanks Arti!), hope you're all enjoying yours now.

ProfCoxWouldGetIt Thu 10-May-12 14:03:57

Thanks Agent smile

artifarti Fri 11-May-12 14:53:10

Still no book here sad.

AgentProvocateur Fri 11-May-12 16:00:21

OK - I'll email Johnworf and see when she sent it. Hopefully, it will be easy and quick to read when you do get it smile

Dysgu Sat 19-May-12 19:39:15

Hello all - hope everyone is fine and enjoying books and chocolate. I finished aristocat's book - do we need to start a thread about our own book so everyone can comment as they go around.

Did my book arrive with you, Johnworf - DP posted it some time back so hope it got there.

aristocat Sun 20-May-12 23:50:09

Crikey, Dysgu finished already wink I have started a thread for my book.
TBH I have almost finished mine (will send it early if I manage to finish before 1st June) but I have DD and DS birthdays in the next 10 days ..... eek!

aristocat Sun 20-May-12 23:52:35

Ooooh Dysgu I almost forgot .......did you like the choccie then? I had not seen it before and purchased 2 bars - one for you and one for tasting purposes grin so I could make sure it was edible!

AgentProvocateur Mon 21-May-12 08:05:43

I'm really enjoying SLF's book and I've nearly finished it. There's been a slight hitch and we may need to postpone posting for a month. Artifarti moved, and her new poster didn't have the address, so she's not got her book yet. She was going to go back to old house this weekend to see if it was there, but I've not heard from her yet.

If she tracks it down and it turns out she's read the book, we can post as normal. If not, is it ok to wait a month so that I can send her a new copy and give her time to read it?

stickyLFDTfingers Mon 21-May-12 23:21:16

actually I'd vote for that, I'm enjoying Arti's book but keep not reading it (tho made good progress in the garden yesterday, until I fell asleep in the sunshine! This was a function of how I react to sunshine, rather than arti's book I hasten to add), so it would be a bit of a sprint to get it read for the end of the month... I miss commuting for the reading time it gave me!

Hope everyone's well, I see I'm the problem child wrt to the book, so if you're all desperate for the next one I shall just sprint!

AgentProvocateur Wed 23-May-12 15:54:25

SLF, how are you getting on with the book? I think Arti and Johnworf are sorted now, so we're good to post at the end of the month. Do you want to PM me and let me know what it is in case I've read it, and then you wouldn't need to rush. Or else post a few days late - I'm ahead with my RL book group and I've read next month's book, so I can probably tear through it.

Dysgu Thu 24-May-12 22:34:15

Yes, aristocat I rather enjoyed the chocolate. Another positive is that the girls didn't like it so I got to keep it for myself this month! I'm not sure if DP managed to get a taste at all!

I am all set to post the book in the next week or so. I will have to re-read the blurb to recall what I thought of it to post on aristocat's thread. I whizzed through it though.

Hope everyone has some lovely weather to enjoy.

stickyLFDTfingers Fri 25-May-12 10:50:14

I am having a reading sprint - should be fine to post on 1st or extremely shortly thereafter! Might even get to read in the garden once the workmen are gone...

AgentProvocateur Sat 26-May-12 10:50:22

I've posted today, because we're going away on Wednesday for a few days now that the DC have finished their exams but are still on study leave. Yay!

SLF, no problem if you want to wait till after holiday weekend to post to me. Also, can you start a thread for your book so I can post on it before I forget the story? Many thanks

stickyLFDTfingers Sat 26-May-12 18:09:24

Yessir!! Also I have selflessly spent the afternoon in the garden reading so I've finished my book. Greater love huh? Have a lovely holiday AP where are you off to? Hope the weather stays good for you

aristocat Mon 28-May-12 22:58:10

I have posted today, and my new book arrived (choccie looks yummy thank you) so thanks AP

AgentProvocateur Tue 05-Jun-12 10:47:36

Had a lovely time up north, thanks, SLF, and I've come back to a post card from th PO, so it's probably my book. The boom JohnWorf sent Arti never arrived, so I'm going to order you a second hand one from Amazon today and just get it sent to you directly. I've actually read it already, so don't worry about having to finish it by the end of June.

Has everyone else posted/received this month's book?

stickyLFDTfingers Thu 07-Jun-12 23:01:12

arti had you started a thread for your book?

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