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I've found a new author bit like Dan Brown, come Michael Crichton!

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DangerousMouse Sun 24-Jun-12 22:12:59

This sounds good - thanks. I've just ordered it to my kindle, but I'm reading something at the moment so won't get started on it for a bit

carocarocaro Thu 19-Apr-12 22:15:36

Wondered if anyone would be interested in a book that's been released, or discussing it if they've read it's a thriller in the style of books I've read previously like Brown, Crichton and James Rollins. I bought it for my kindle on Amazon. It's cheap at present which some people think reflects the quality...I don't think so but don't take my word as you can see the Look Inside excerpt. It's extremely well researched and the author goes by Lex.
It's the first of a trilogy called The Second Advent: Disciples.... and I'm waiting for the second one to be published. It's got reviews on & .com
Anyone else read it?

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