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Of Mice and Maltesers Three - Arti's book

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artifarti Wed 03-Aug-11 19:01:38

I bought this book because much of it is set in Ethiopia; I have travelled there several times and love it, it's one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world. And you don't see many novels set there! I loved this book, the story completely drew me in, so that I couldn't put it down at night. When I lent it to my friend she had to ration herself so she didn't read it so quickly! Everyone I know that has read it has enjoyed it - fingers crossed some of you do too [gulps nervously]...

Itsjustafleshwound Mon 22-Aug-11 18:13:38

What an incredible book - I really enjoyed it. Good story and believable characters and the author had some interesting things to say. I am so pleased to have read this book.

If anything, my knowledge of medicine/surgery has improved ..

Thank you, Arti for a good choice.

artifarti Fri 26-Aug-11 08:01:49

Hurray, really glad you enjoyed it! smile

aristocat Thu 03-Nov-11 14:40:07

almost finished this one, will post again on here very soon

aristocat Mon 07-Nov-11 09:57:49

well, what a huge book! my initial thought was that it was so beautifully written and enjoyable smile

i was amazed to discover that this was his first novel. there is alot of medical detail in the book and this was very interesting, rather than being boring. his passion for his work comes through the writing and i liked it very much.

thank you smile

AgentProvocateur Mon 30-Jan-12 20:20:32

Oh, I loved this book. I got it a bit late, and I started a new job this month, too, so when I saw the size of it, my heart sunk. I almost didn't even start it, but I'm so glad I did. I'd seen it in the shops, but I had it in my head that it was about conjoined twins, so I was never very interested in it.

I loved the setting and I'm desperate to visit Ethiopia now, and the story was wonderful. Great characterisation. I found all the medical background really interesting too - that birth scene....

I read the last 300 pages yesterday - I couldn't put it down - and I finally finished it at about midnight and I was so sad that I almost woke DH up to tell him the ending. I've been thinking about it all day and I feel bereft now that I've finished it.

Great choice. Thanks

stickyLFDTfingers Fri 20-Apr-12 11:16:23

I can't believe I didn't post on this one, I could have sworn I did! Anyway, I really enjoyed it. This is despite being a very unmedical person (generally I find all that sort of thing a bit of a turn off). It was perhaps a bit "neat" at the end, if I had to criticise it. I preferred the Hema/Ghosh characters to the boys, I thought they were more interesting and believable. Good to see a book about the link between Africa and India, and the Italian influence of colonialisation. I also want to go to an Ethiopian restaurant, the food descriptions were mouth-watering... must have a go at home I guess.

Really glad I read it, a very enjoyable and interesting novel.

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