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Fur Quits 3 - Ragworts book

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Jas Tue 05-Jul-11 22:42:21

T by R T


Jas Sat 23-Jul-11 00:12:50

I wasn't expecting to enjoy this - I have had one of her other books for over two years and still not read it to the end. blush

I stuck with it though, and did enjoy it. The plot is good, with plenty of twists and turns, but I didn't really believe in any of the characters, and didn't get caught up in the story. It took me a while to finish, and I'm still not keen enough to read the other book I have, so I really have to give this one a mixed review. I am interested to see what others think of it though....

aStarInStrangeways Sat 27-Aug-11 08:35:00

I really enjoyed this and ripped through it in no time. Have never read any of her stuff before, although always had a half-formed idea to do so at some point in time, so it was great to have one thrust upon me. I loved her prose, it completely hooked me so that even the times when I felt the characters were a little less than convincing, the writing carried me through.

For the most part I did think the characters and their relationships worked well, although they all fell apart a little bit towards the end. There were a couple of minor details that were never fully developed, e.g. Anthony's obsession with his 'beloveds' and his fantasising over the handsome son of Veronica's friends - both just seemed to fade away once they'd served the purpose of establishing him as someone obsessed with beauty.

I will definitely seek out some of her other books now. This was a perfect post-natal read for me, intelligent without being obtuse and fast-paced enough that I could get through it in a few night feeds grin

Ragwort Mon 29-Aug-11 08:32:54

aStar - glad you liked this book - 'The Road Home' is my favourite by RT, I thoroughly recommend it.

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