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The Fur Quits - Round 3 - Chat thread

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Jas Thu 16-Jun-11 09:48:42

A new thread now we are ready to get going. Everybody should recieve a PM with the address they are posting to....


Please can we try to post for 1 July

Jas Tue 22-May-12 23:49:33

BBR - you should also have YouMustBeYolkings is TGHoA by EH...a small, quite slim book.

I will give it a few more days for everyone to look in here, and start a new thread for a new group next week, if no one else has done it by then...

BenderBendingRodriguez Wed 23-May-12 07:42:32

Oh yes, that's the one - thanks Jas smile It is in the house somewhere! Possibly in a packing box though. I'll send on the three I have to hand ASAP and forward that one when it comes to light grin We're moving next week <fingers crossed> so shouldn't be too long.

Jas Thu 24-May-12 19:55:42

Do you want your book back? I have finished it...PM me your new address if you want it.

Lightshines Sun 10-Jun-12 14:49:22

I have got my book back and am up for another round!

simpson Sun 10-Jun-12 21:03:38

Not sent my book back yet, sorry. Will do it this week.

Pascha Mon 11-Jun-12 12:47:48

Sending my book back today. Off to choose another one...

Jas Tue 19-Jun-12 22:40:20

Things are very quiet on here! I have started a thread for a new your space here

BenderBendingRodriguez Sun 24-Jun-12 20:38:21

Hello! Sorry for the long delay, blame Virgin. I still have four books - do the original senders want them back? Very happy to return them, either via Jas or directly. I hate it when books I like go missing, so grin

Jas - I don't need my book back, thanks, as I rediscovered my original copy in the house move blush

Am trying to stay off MN but will check back here for any replies.

Jas Sun 24-Jun-12 23:09:23

Thanks BBR. I will pass it on locally

Lots of us have moved over to the next group so I will mention there in case anyone wants their book back

itsatiggerday Sun 24-Jun-12 23:12:54

Whoever has mine can keep it / give it away or return it to whoever replaced it midyear if they want it....

simpson Tue 26-Jun-12 17:14:43

Sorry for delay but have sent my book on today.

DanyTargaryen Tue 26-Jun-12 17:18:55

Hello! I'm lost can somebody point me in the direction of the most recent book swap thread or is this it?

Jas Tue 26-Jun-12 17:34:31

Sorry Dany, this one is winding up after ruinning for a year. We have already restarted, so there isn't a new one at the moment.

If you start a thread in this section and bump it a couple of times, you will probably gather up enough to start a new one though. Good luck.

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