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TONI'S BOOK CLUB - Goingwiththeflow's book - Sh H of T in U

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Runoutofideas Thu 24-Mar-11 10:27:32

I really enjoyed this book. It was a much lighter read, and more of a page turner than the title would have you believe!
The characters and storyline were interesting - funny in a very bittersweet way. I must admit to skim reading the bits that actually were about tractors. I'm sure they tied in very cleverly, but I just found them too dull. It is a book which I would like to read again one day. Thanks.

ScaredOfCows Wed 29-Jun-11 08:56:20

This is not a book I would have chosen if I'd seen it in the library, but I really enjoyed it. Very funny and moved along at a good pace. As Runoutofideas said, it is very bittersweet, and you read it hoping that all will come right for the elderly man.
I also skim read most of the tractors bits, and I don't think that detracted from the story.

I really enjoyed this, had read another of her books a few years ago and had seen good reviews of this one. The start seemed a bit of a cliche, but once you started getting to know the characters, and the seam of Ukrainian history started being woven in it was very good. The little twists and turns were not complex, but enough to keep you interested, and the snippy little exchanges between the characters brought them to life. The end is quite moving, as the difference between pre-war and post-war babies is described and all the family history finally makes sense. I quite liked the tractor bits, but I am a bit of a geek!

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