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New Book Club Anyone?

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gormers Wed 09-Mar-11 12:02:32


Wondering if anyone fancied getting a new group off the ground, it looks like all others are full right now.

Let me know if you fancy it and once we've got a few members we can get a group and and running.

Buffty Wed 09-Mar-11 21:39:34

Hi Gormers,

I'd like to join

piebald Thu 10-Mar-11 10:13:01

I think i would but am not quite sure how it works

maypole1 Tue 15-Mar-11 17:33:47

me too please

dashboard Wed 13-Apr-11 18:53:20

Hi, I'm interested but maybe am too late for this one?

goodbyemrschips Wed 13-Apr-11 19:03:53

im does it work?

weedle Sun 17-Apr-11 22:17:46

Me too.. interested but don't know how it works

queenbathsheba Sun 17-Apr-11 22:19:38

Hello me too please but don't know how it works

Buffty Mon 18-Apr-11 09:09:12

The book clubs usually work by setting up a list of 12 people and a choose a date for posting. Each person then chooses one book and posts it on to the next person on the list so everyone should receive a new book. Every month you then send on the book you've read that month to the same person you posted your first book to. So after 12 months everyone should have read all 12 books.

What kind of books does everyone like reading? I'm not really very fussy except I don't ever really read any science fiction.

queenbathsheba Mon 18-Apr-11 14:54:37

That sounds good Buffy. I have read some SciFi but only old stuff and the must reads!
I'll read anything, I even read the labels on cereal packets unless the kids wrestle the packet off me.
I like history, fact or fiction, poetry, humour ( I could do with something that would make me giggle) I tend to read in subjects rather than author so I'm open to new ideas and I am way out of touch with new fiction and authors so I'd love to read someone elses reccomendation, esp if it's contemporary lit or even just a laugh a minute chick flit.

weedle Mon 18-Apr-11 15:12:29

Sound good to me! (Urgh but that means I've got to brave the post office doesn't it?!)

Can I ask we have no surviving child abuse books? (Child called IT /Daddy No etc etc) Obviously I don't mind missing out a month but would prefer to be skipped if there's one in circulation. Conversely I've read some pretty hard hitting stuff from the library recently and really enjoyed them but they wouldn't come under that catagory if that makes sense? (And I've not upset/offended anyone blush

piebald Mon 18-Apr-11 20:09:28

I think Gormers who started this post has jumped ship! Shall we try it anyway? I agree with weedle, I will read most things but I really dont want to read what i have heard on here i think described as 'mis lit'
I read a real mish mash of books , tend not to be too heavy , dont think my concentration is up to it any more

piebald Mon 18-Apr-11 20:12:19

Are you out there Gormers , do you still want to do it or have you regretted posting that?

Buffty Tue 19-Apr-11 08:12:31

While we wait to see who's still around and if anymore people want to join is it worth us thinking of which books we might send? Just thinking that we don't want to be sending books that other people have read.

weedle Tue 19-Apr-11 13:09:35

Sounds like a plan. Are we nominating books we've read and therefore rate or going for one we like the sound of? I used to go to a book group and you weren't allowed to suggest anything you'd read. Was tricky!

Has anyone PM'd gormers? I'm happy to just didn't want the poor thing to be bombarded!

queenbathsheba Tue 19-Apr-11 21:07:43

Hello everyone, If we are sending books on, should they be books we have already read.

piebald Tue 19-Apr-11 22:27:55

Well the book i would like to recomend is one i have read.

piebald Tue 19-Apr-11 22:29:51

JUst noticed Weedles post about PMing Gormers-i didnt know you could do that , havent been on here very long

weedle Fri 22-Apr-11 20:50:14

Bumping to see if anyone else fancies joining us? grin

chwedl Sat 23-Apr-11 14:45:20

Hi there, thanks for the message Weedle, very much appreciated that you came and found little me! I'd love to join if you'll have me!!! I don't like science fiction either, but otherwise am open to pretty much anything!

chwedl Sat 23-Apr-11 14:46:14

Anyone got any books in mind yet?

BitterChocolateEggScoffer Sat 23-Apr-11 14:49:50

Is there room for one more?

weedle Sun 24-Apr-11 23:08:16

Hi everyone, thanks to those who replied to my messages - hopefully I can answer your questions. But I will warn you that I've not done this before, so if you know better please tell me!

From what I can gather is most of the book swap groups have 12 members, each member nominates a book and posts it on to the next person in the list. So 1st posts to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd and 12th to 1st etc. We have a month to read the book and then post it on to the same person so after a year every member has read all the books.

We then have a thread for each book so people can give their opinion on each book as they read them.

We'll agree a list of 'no go' genres - for example I don't want to read childhood abuse memoirs or 'mis-lit' as it's known. Anything not on the list is fine, a mix of genres etc is positively encouraged grin

I personally have no preference as to whether people send a book that they have previously read or just one that they like the look of.

The people who have expressed an interest are below:









So obviously we're up to 8 members - shall we say we'll set a deadline of 1st of May for confirmation of new members and book details? That way we'll know where we're headed so we can get started asap?

Hopefully as we add our 'no go genres' and book choices it'll bump this so it stays in our 'threads I'm on' section and people know we're looking for new members.

Also, if I've stepped on any toes or am talking rubbish just shout! grin

Just got to decide what book I'd like to send...

Buffty Tue 26-Apr-11 07:30:35

Don't forget me!

weedle Tue 26-Apr-11 17:49:28


So that's 9 grin

Any ideas of books?

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