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Our "lovely" book swap is now closed again and off we go for 2011.

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PositiveAttitude Sat 01-Jan-11 13:10:36

Just setting us up.

Are you thinking of your books that you might be putting in? I will have a look and post mine within the next few days. - I will try harder than my awful one from last time, that none of you liked. blush

aliciaflorrick Fri 04-May-12 15:57:50

OK thread created in OTBT - 8.30 tonight.

aliciaflorrick Tue 24-Apr-12 12:29:38

Sorry I meant Friday 4th May (but was serious about The Hobbit grin).

aliciaflorrick Tue 24-Apr-12 11:23:20

JJ I got round to emailing you the other day so hopefully you'll be able to choose a book from the list and jump back in with us.

I propose we get together on Friday 5th May at 8.30 for the discussion about The Crying Tree - does everyone agree?

We need a book for May, so all suggestions gratefully received, otherwise I'll make you all read The Hobbit (which I love but I think it's a bit of a marmite book).

PA are you still around? We haven't heard from you in a while.

aliciaflorrick Fri 30-Mar-12 16:24:49

It's here.

aliciaflorrick Fri 30-Mar-12 16:24:14

Web chat here

tonight at 8.30.

aliciaflorrick Mon 26-Mar-12 13:19:37

I Am Legend chat 8.30 Friday 30th November. I'll start a thread on the day.

aliciaflorrick Thu 22-Mar-12 19:44:23

Is everyone available on Friday 30th March for the chat about I Am Legend or do you prefer to wait until after the school holidays?

aliciaflorrick Wed 21-Mar-12 16:17:03

Well I've actually started The Crying Tree and until you mentioned the Jodi Picoult thing it hadn't occurred to me, although I suppose now I think about it, it could be a subject matter she would choose. I haven't found this to be as cringeworthy sentimental as Picoult but I'm only about a quarter of the way through.

If you can get a copy of this month's book, I Am Legend it's a great read, I think we're all enjoying it.

If you PM me with an email address I'll send you a link for our list of books - although sometimes if you suggest a book that isn't on the list I can sometimes find it - particularly if it's a "more popular" book.

jamaisjedors Wed 21-Mar-12 13:33:48

Hi alicia, will send the book back to you then. I'll see if I can get hold of that book - although the reviews say it's similar to Jodi Picoult who I have a bit of a mental block about!

Thanks for thinking of me.

Is there a link to the choice of free kindle books that you are all using? Because I could choose one I fancy from there and get it and read it.

I'll be interested to hear what you all have to say about The crying tree.

aliciaflorrick Wed 21-Mar-12 13:22:32

Hi JJ I was thinking about you earlier, maybe you'd like to join us for April's book we're all buying it from Amazon this month and the paperback version is only £3.49 it's The Crying Tree by Naseem Rakha, and then maybe for May you could choose a paperback book that you've got that you'd like to read and we'll all try and get a copy of it and join in.

I'm the owner of the Brian Keenan book by the way.

jamaisjedors Wed 21-Mar-12 07:39:50

Hello hello, just popping in to wave at everyone. I didn't get a kindle and am not going to yet, but when I do I'll be back to join you all.

I still have a couple of books belonging to people too - Brian Keenan, and Attention all Shipping. Can the owners pm me so I can return them?

Hope you are all ok.

aliciaflorrick Wed 21-Mar-12 07:34:21

BOOK FOR APRIL - The Crying Tree - downloadable from Amazon for £3.99.

Is everyone around at the end of the month for a chat about I Am Legend?

aliciaflorrick Fri 02-Mar-12 16:51:47

I've created a thread off the beaten track for our convo. It should be here.

First chat of the year

PositiveAttitude Fri 02-Mar-12 13:39:12

Marking spot. See you later! grin

aliciaflorrick Fri 02-Mar-12 07:32:34


We will be discussing:-

The Sealed Letter
New York

I don't know why I've typed this, this thread has fallen off all your threads I'm on so you won't see it.

Has anyone started I am Legend? It's brilliant. Can't believe I've avoided it for years because I watched the film and thought it was OK but nothing special. The book is so much better than the film.

aliciaflorrick Wed 29-Feb-12 07:24:48

OK so 8.30 on Friday night. Shall we do it on here because it's easier to have a conversation on here. We'll discuss January and Feruary's books and then we'll be back on track for March.

Whoever hasn't picked a book needs to do so in the next week or so because after March we've run out of books to read - or I'll choose another one and you can all remember what a disastrous choice my first book was.

aliciaflorrick Sat 25-Feb-12 18:14:45

Hello, hello everyone - so very sorry for MN and FB silence, RL has been extremely hectic. OK so half term is over and we've got two and a half books to discuss.

How is everybody fixed for next week - Friday 2nd March?

How have you all been getting on with the books? At last I've finished New York, an absolute epic but have enjoyed it and am moving on to February's book and am hoping to read it as fast as the rest of you have so that I can join in the conversation.

Again, many apologies for being so quiet I've just been swamped.

PositiveAttitude Tue 31-Jan-12 15:10:26

Hi everyone.

I missed out January's book, having read it before (and loved it, in case you had not picked that up before - I would say it is worth carrying on with 5ofus, but it could be a very long slog if you are not getting into it!)

We were stuck at Frankfurt airport for 6 hours (mess up with tickets all my fault which meant we had to buy new tickets 500 pigging euros!! and had to wait for hours and hours, so in between the bawling my eyes out and pleading with the not helpful at all luthansa staff al la "Airport" programme, I sat and read 50% of February's book. really enjoying it. Its an easy read, which I hope you will appreciate after the New york epic.

Must go i am at work!! End of year reconciliations - yuck!!!!

5ofus Tue 31-Jan-12 10:15:35

Hi - I have to admit I started New York but haven't got past about page 3 yet.

Pondering: should I start it now and catch up with you in Feb, or crack on with Feb's book?


aliciaflorrick Thu 26-Jan-12 10:38:42

Well done Bob I will not be finished by the end of the month as have only got to the Boston tea party so have got eons to go yet, but I am enjoying it, just am a bit frazzled with real life and not having time to read at the moment.

Shall we wait to do the discussion until the middle of February? Those that have finished can go onto February's book which I know from past experience will be enjoyable but quite an easy read and then hopefully by the end of February we should all have caught up.

Let me know what you all think, plus do you want to do the discussion here or on Facebook? Personally I think for a discussion thing here might be better unless we use the chat feature on FB, but then we won't have a permanent record of our opinions.

Bobolbach Wed 25-Jan-12 14:37:22

Well, finished New York. Feel like I've done a marathon over the centuries.
Was great though - well done AF.

Are we going to sort out a date / time for talking about it? Or wait until everyone has finished it?

aliciaflorrick Sat 21-Jan-12 09:52:01

How is everyone finding New York? Nobody has complained so I'm hoping you find the second choice better. It's blummin long though, I don't know if I'm going to be finished by the end of the month.

5ofus Mon 16-Jan-12 14:24:00

Hi all,

New York is now downloaded and queued up behind the two I'm reading already grin

I'll try to get it finished by end of the month. I also gave up on The Sealed Letter. I have Room here also to read in paperback.

aliciaflorrick Thu 12-Jan-12 21:39:43

I'll look out for that one PA.

I had the daily emails from that website too, but cancelled them in the end as I too didn't bother to look at them. I love free books I do.

PositiveAttitude Thu 12-Jan-12 21:02:11

I am loving the book i am reading at the moment. Its The confessions of the girl who couldn't say no. Its written by someone who got pregnant at the age of 14. Very well written with a good sense of humour. Refreshing read!

I have discovered a website that has links to all the free books off amazon (and cheap ones too) Its a lot easier to look for whatever you want than the amazon website. You click on the genre you like and all the books are there. I did sign up for daily emails, but just never got the time to look every day for what was on offer. Anyway, its this one if anyone wants a look

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