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Wheelybug Wed 01-Sep-10 16:22:17

Discuss !

itsatiggerday Tue 28-Sep-10 14:01:11

Finally finished!

I find this book a little confusing to reflect on. In theory I really liked it, I thought the quality of the writing of living with Tourette’s was excellent and I thought it was a strong end to a detective story. The last 30 pages I found myself unable to stop reading even though it was way past my bedtime!

But those things are also part of the reason I didn’t hugely enjoy reading it – I kept losing the thread each time I came back to it which I think was partly due to the slightly disjointed flow of text with the tics in it. And although the end was strong, I found the rest of the detective plot a little weak which was if anything highlighted by the strength of the ending.

But then this month has been a little crazy hosting a big family party and four birthdays incl DD so maybe I just never got enough time to sit down and get into it properly. I am glad I read it, had never heard of the author and it would certainly make me curious about other things he’s written and I knew nothing about Tourette’s so it was worth it for that if nothing else.

Jas Sat 16-Oct-10 13:40:00

I would say this book is a very interesting book about living with ', rather than a detective story. I found that part of the story very weak, although I agree that the ending was much better, and really did grip me n the last few chapters.

I really liked the descriptions of the tics and compulsions, but would probably not have kept going with it after the first few chapters if it hadn't been a book swap book. I'm glad I did, as it really did improve vastly and would have been a shame to miss.

Thanks, Saladbomb, for an interesting choice.

rocketleaf Sat 06-Nov-10 21:19:25

Glad you both liked it in the end even if it didn't grip to begin with. I am not used to reading detective novels (I read this as the author has written some other more sci-fi based ones) so perhaps didn't notice the weakness in that regard, think i was more interested in the main character as a person at the time of reading.

Wheelybug Sun 21-Nov-10 20:21:58

Hi. I've just finished this. I found it quite readable although not my usual sort of thing.

I agree that the tourette's angle was more interesting than the detective story and agree the ending was stronger than the rest in this regard.

I don't think I would rush to read another by the same author (mainly because I already have so many 'to reads' that I have to be quite selective!) but was good to read something different and that's what makes bookswap good !

Thanks Saladbomb.

simpson Sun 09-Jan-11 19:03:32

This book arrived yesterday, so am about to get stuck in grin

simpson Thu 27-Jan-11 21:29:15

Soory but I could not get on with this book at all blush

I gave up after only one chapter (please don't take offence!!)

I just found it too confusing...sorry!!!

rocketleaf Thu 10-Mar-11 19:17:29

No offence taken, simpson! You can't please all of the people all of the time wink

Lightshines Thu 01-Nov-12 17:19:13

I have no idea why, but this has been on my shelf for a long time and I knew it was left over from a previous MN Book Swap, sorry! blush

Did not manage to finish it, although I did get well over half way. I had the same issues as itsatiggerday, which was that the detective element of the story was not a strong enough storyline and I kept losing myself between reads.

However, Lionel is a brilliant character - I was fascinated by the tics (quite topical at the moment following the publication of Jessica Thom's book) and there were some genuinely laugh-out-loud funny bits! Its almost a shame he was not in a book which showcased him better!

Do you want your copy back, Saladbomb?

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