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The Fur Quits - Round 2 - Book swapping Chat

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Wheelybug Tue 13-Jul-10 13:15:16

Now we are 12 !

Here is a list of everyone in our swap group -

S aladbomb

So, our aim is to have a first posting on 1st September. Then we will post on 1st of each month thereafter. If we can try and stick to this (obviously 1-2 days after is ok) then we won't get a backlog. Hopefully this will be helped by having shorter books this time !!

Also, even if its just a line of two saying you hated it, or didn't read it, please post a comment on the relevant thread.

So between now and say 7 August (as I am off for 2 weeks after that) can those who haven't send me the book they have chosen.

Any questions just shout.

caykon Tue 13-Jul-10 19:39:18

just checking in ready

Jas Wed 14-Jul-10 09:43:27

Also checking in.

simpson Wed 14-Jul-10 18:11:50

checking in too smile

Am away for 2wks and back on 4th Sept so will post a few days late I'm afraid blush grin

Off to peruse book shop tomorrow!!!

LightShinesInTheDarkness Thu 15-Jul-10 23:10:22

Hi - thanks for sorting this out.
I will let you know soon - still whittling down my list!

Wheelybug Fri 16-Jul-10 20:18:02

No probs Lightshines.

Simpson - I can send out the sendee details soon if you like then you can always post early if you're feeling organised (and have chosen your book - can't remember if you're one that's told me or not). But no probs otherwise sending out when you're back !

simpson Sat 17-Jul-10 10:33:52

Wheely - have not chosen book yet and probably won't be organised enough to be early blush grin but you never know!!!

simpson Wed 21-Jul-10 14:29:22

wheely - have emailed you my choice smile

Saladbomb Wed 21-Jul-10 17:55:07

Hi everyone, just a quick hello to show my newb face. Book all chosen and emailed to Wheely (will stick with that first one I mentioned I think) so all set.

Looking forward to receiving and reading the first book and related chats!

Wheelybug Thu 05-Aug-10 08:25:39

Hi All

Just to let you know I have now sent emails with details of who you are sending to. Fingers crossed I haven't made any mistakes grin. There's no rush to send but I am away for a couple of weeks so thought it best to get them out now.

When I get back I'll set up discussions threads for each of the books.

MoominMymbleandMy Thu 05-Aug-10 11:37:34

Checking in here (sorry, moved house and had internet problems for ages) and got your e-mail with posting address,

I hadn't spotted the under one-inch thick requirement for this round but I'm relieved to say my choice is quite slimline anyway.

simpson Fri 06-Aug-10 23:40:48

Got your address of where to send too smile

Will post soon as am off on holiday myself on 21st....

simpson Fri 06-Aug-10 23:48:17

Grrr got the address I meant.... blush

TeamEdward Sat 07-Aug-10 22:17:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MoominMymbleandMy Sat 07-Aug-10 22:22:21

Hi Ed, it was one of the last I received and I posted it on to madamy.

TeamEdward Sat 07-Aug-10 22:24:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeamEdward Wed 18-Aug-10 23:04:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeamEdward Tue 24-Aug-10 20:52:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jas Thu 26-Aug-10 15:56:55

I got my book today, Itsatiggerday, thankyousmile

itsatiggerday Thu 26-Aug-10 16:02:06

Oh good, forgot to find the thread to say I'd posted it! Hope you like it...

Wheelybug Fri 27-Aug-10 18:12:07

How exciting that its all started again! I posted yesterday(along with your book from the last round CATHCAT).

Wheelybug Fri 27-Aug-10 18:14:43

I am away at mo so will set up discussion threads for each bk on my return

cathcat Sat 28-Aug-10 14:25:10

Wheely, thanks for the old book and the new book. And my children especially want to thank you for the choc bar! I managed to fight them off and still have a bit left grin

Will post my book on Monday.

Wheelybug Wed 01-Sep-10 09:25:37

You're welcome Cathcat !

Just a reminder today (or tomorrow) is the posting day for those who haven't yet posted.

I'll try and get all the threads set up today....

MoominMymbleandMy Wed 01-Sep-10 15:44:34

Whew, I forget to set a watch on this and lost it!

Anyway, just to say my book was posted first class yesterday so it should have landed today.

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