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Phone number for private prof lesley regan clinic anyone?

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rainbowdays Thu 08-Jul-10 11:38:08

I am just about to go through my 9th miscarriage and want to speak to someone at the prof lesley regan private clinic - has anyone got a phone number I can ring, as the phone number I am trying seems to always go to answerphone and I have got no call back in the last few days.

Or if anyone is currently attending do you know if the PA is away on holidays or something?

Please help
Thank you

LunaticFringe Thu 08-Jul-10 20:54:02

Message withdrawn

rainbowdays Thu 08-Jul-10 22:23:37

Thanks Lunatic, I finally managed to get in touch with the clinic, and have an appointment for next thursday.

I am actually still in total denial at the moment. I had a good old cry after the scan, but now it is not really making any difference sad. I am not really feeling pregnant and am away on holiday so nicely distracted. I am living in neutral. But having an appointment with Raj Rai for next week has helped me start looking ahead already. At least I feel like I am making use of the current pregnancy with getting a pregnant TEG test to see if I have unknown clotting issues during pregnancy. I just hope I don't loose it between now and next weeks appointment. Sorry I am waffling again! Hope you are doing ok.

roudy Tue 24-May-11 16:20:29

Hi rainbowdays could u plz give me the clinic's number since i have been trying the number I have for 2 days and it gives me the answer phone. Thankssmile

RUBYAPPLE Sat 28-May-11 20:36:35

I too had trouble finding her number however I managed to locate her secretary - Mary Stanton and just emailed her direct:-

roudy Mon 06-Jun-11 04:16:22

Thanks a lot, emailed her and got my first appointment. Can anyone tell me plz what to expect from the first appointment? I am actually living outside London am from Cairo, Egypt and comin all the way to London just to see her!

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