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how common is it to get sac?

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lucysnowe Sun 31-Jan-10 19:47:06

Hi all

Apologise in advance if this subject is upsetting.

I had a scan on Fri and found that baby had got to 9 weeks before heart stopped. I'm now waiting for my d&c but I think I may miscarry before then because am starting to bleed.

what I want to ask is - at 9 weeks, how likely is it that the foetus and sac will come out intact? is it quite rare? I just want to know in order to be prepared really...

Many thanks

sparklyrainbow Wed 17-Feb-10 18:54:17

I passed a complete sac this morning. I was 8+2 but it had stopped growing at about 6 weeks. I didn't look too closely (just flushed, I was on the loo) but it seemed whole. I spent yesterday in lots of pain- contractions I guess- and bleeding heavily (had to call ambulance to get me back to the EPU and have gas and air despite being on stupidly strong prescription painkillers). Wanted to avoid staying in hospital as I never have before and always thought the first time would be birth of first child. Silly really. Anyway, I feel relived now, only very mild pain and bleeding a lot less.

Thank you for this thread and the others- everyone who is willing to share their experiences. I left hospital Monday with little idea what was going to happen and only through mumsnet I felt prepared. Sorry to hear everyone's stories and I hope we can all move forward. I for one just want to feel vaguely normal again.

lucysnowe Fri 19-Feb-10 10:36:48

sparkly, if it helps, it's about two weeks now after my m/c (had to go to hospital too) and I am feeling a lot better. I think it's easier personally when the pg symptoms go. I hope things get easier for you soon.

mumofonesofar Sat 20-Feb-10 21:58:58

I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. I had an early miscarriae followed by sucessful pregnancy with DD who is now 1. About two weeks ago we miscarried again at about 11 weeks. I'm not sure how helpful my experience is as although the baby had a heartbeat right until the miscarriage it measured really small for 11 weeks.

My bleeding lasted about a week and a half going from light brown to heavy red bleeding with clots and cramps. On the last day of heavy bleeding I had severe pains all afternoon which I would say were like early labour pains and then I passed the sac. I heard it drop into the loo but as with some people above I didn't try and look as I was nervous about what I might see.

Overall although it was a very upsetting experience I think it was a relief in a way as we had gone through weeks of not knowing if everything was going to be ok and then two weeks of knowing the baby would die and having to wait for it to happen. This was definitely the worst bit.

I hope it happens quickly for you. I'm sure there will be nothing that you could identify as a baby xx

ElmMum Wed 03-Mar-10 14:52:13

Can I ask - how do you all know that your babies stopped growing at x week or a baby was smaller than it should be at a certain date?

I'm miscarrying now at 10 weeks and no one is able to tell me when the baby stopped growing. Is this because I was only scanned once I'd started bleeding heavily? It would be a comfort to know when this pregnancy stopped progressing as normal.

mumatron Wed 03-Mar-10 16:53:48

elm they would only be able to tell you if they had seen the lo on a scan.

out of 4mc only one of mine has not been confirmed by scan. i think it does make it a bit harder, to not know exactly when things went wrong.

sorry to hear that you have mc.

take caare of yourself.


MaryTL Mon 03-Dec-12 11:22:03

In case anyone was wondering, you can deliver the placenta with baby intact. I miscarried a few days ago and found this forum while researching what happened. I figure that I might as well post in case someone was searching like me.
I had some bleeding at 12.5 weeks, and the ultrasound revealed that the baby had stopped growing at 9 weeks and its heart was no longer beating. My doctor gave me pills to help pass the baby. I took two pills every four hours, four times that night. I had to get up every half hour to use the restroom. It was rather painful with cramping and gas pain. The next morning, I had labor pains and contractions. Suddenly I felt a gush of fluid. The placenta came out intact with clear fluid and the baby inside. The baby was the size of the tip of my pinky finger with a precious spine, arms, legs and black dots for eyes. The translucent placenta was the size of an orange.
I was very glad that I was able to see my baby and say my goodbyes, my thanks for being a part of my life and for letting me love it, if only for a short while, along with a few prayers. All I can do is be thankful and be glad to know that I can conceive, and now I know what labor feels like. I'm that much more prepared when I conceive again.

MaryTL Mon 03-Dec-12 11:33:51

Oops, I meant amniotic sac, not placenta.

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