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They say I am, but am I really miscarrying?

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MaggieW Mon 27-Jun-05 07:57:14

Went to EPU last week at 5 weeks after 12 hours of moderate bleeding and cramping to be told that everything is intact but that the sac is an irregular shape, which means the pregnancy won't progress. It was too early to detect anything in the sac. However, on the report I took away it mentions nothing of this and just says too early to assess viability of the pregnancy. Told to return in a fortnight. Since then I've had very light occasional bleeding and some cramping but for past two days have had nothing. Obviously still feeling v pregnant.

I'm no stranger to miscarriage - had two missed ones at 12 and 13 weeks, both followed by ERPC, and with both there was no doubt at scan - foetus had stopped developing at 8 weeks and no heartbeat. Could they have got it wrong this time? Can this blood loss mean the damage has been done? Does anyone have any info re irregular shaped gestation sacs?

I guess I feel so much in limbo - if things have gone wrong then I just want to m/c so I can on and try again. But I feel there's a chance things could be okay, however I do recognise that could just be an emotional response to what's happening.

Frizbe Mon 27-Jun-05 08:20:57

Oh Maggie, how horrible to be left in limbo like this, no suggestions I'm afraid, but {{{{BIG HUGS}}}}

Annonymouse Mon 27-Jun-05 08:27:41

You will just have to wait for the scan. Think people on here have had good and bad experiences at this stage (wasn't Thomcat one?). I hope that you get some good news in a few weeks.

fisil Mon 27-Jun-05 08:46:40

I've had 2 good and one bad experience at this stage. The two weeks waiting are just the worst time. When I lost the baby I actually found that I'd done most of my crying and grieving in the two weeks of limbo. So don't feel you have to push on in case everything is fine and you feel silly (that's how I felt, anyway). Take time out (if you can) and go with your feelings. It is a horrible horrible wait.

amynnixmum Mon 27-Jun-05 09:36:30

I don't know anything about irregular shaped gestation sacs but my SIL bled really heavily in early pregnancy and was told that there was no way the the baby could survive that amount of blood loss. She went on to have a perfectly healthy full term little girl so it can have a happy ending. {{{hugs}}}

oops Sun 03-Jul-05 13:15:48

Message withdrawn

berolina Sun 03-Jul-05 22:07:41

the hormone is hCG, the same stuff that shows up in the home pg test.
Maggie, all the best for you.

MaggieW Mon 04-Jul-05 16:06:39

Sad ending, I'm afraid. I miscarried rather traumatically last week, losing so much blood I had to have a blood transfusion. Feel pretty weak now, and that's just physically. Haven't even begun to think about anything else other than getting well again. At this stage not sure I could risk going through it again but hopefully that will change. Thanks for all your help.

ninah Mon 04-Jul-05 16:11:47

so v sorry Maggie

lilsmum Mon 04-Jul-05 16:12:24

really sorry maggie

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