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mc are shite are they not?

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sunburntats Wed 11-Nov-09 19:56:55

I am bored with the whole thing now.

I cant even muster up the enthusiasm to be sad this time.
Im just not looking forward to the pain. the physical pain is just excrucaiting, indescribable.

When does good luck come back to a person? and why does my body let me down so badly so often?

Thinking of telling dh that i dont want to try again.

sigh sadsadsad
mc number 5 on the way.

Fruitbatlings Wed 11-Nov-09 19:58:38

I'm sorry sunburn sad

willitbe Wed 11-Nov-09 20:07:52

sunburn - sad, it is hard isn't it. I currently awaiting mc number 6, and your post resonates heavily with me. Fortunately for me the physical pain for me is not normally too bad, but it is still sad hard to deal with the emotional side of losing another baby. Although this time, I have not really allowed myself to think too much about it being a baby, my thoughts have been more about miscarriage than what might have been. Anyway just wanted to say I can understand your feelings right now. Hope that your pain is less this time.

samoy Wed 11-Nov-09 20:16:27

So so sorry for you, it really is shite-i cant echo that enough. I had my 4th 8 weeks ago, thought i was handling it all really well but feel so crap today out of the blue. Do you mind me asking about your story, if you want to share that is? I ve been thinking a lot today- why does it seem everyone else has a happy ending? Wish it would all go away and i could go back to carefree timessad. Fingers crossed our time will come and soon. Sorry i cant say anything more positive, i just ditto your thoughts and your not alone x

just1moreplease Wed 11-Nov-09 21:15:00

sunburntats i could have written your post myself. i am completely sick of the whole process of mc.

i hate that i am jealous of some of my very best friends who have seem to be able to have babies without all this crap.

being pg will never be a happy time for us.

i also told dp that this was the last for me. although now i feel physically 'normal' again the temptation is getting is getting too strong.

it seems pointless to say and will not make you feel any better, but please take care and be kind to yourself.


ClaireDeLoon Wed 11-Nov-09 21:16:39

for you all

sh77 Wed 11-Nov-09 21:25:14

Sunburn and willit - I am with you on that. After a neonatal death and MC in the space of 6 months, I am taking a long break from TTC. It has been a truly sad and horrendous time. I am now trying to get my head around the idea that I may never have a baby. If I have one, that would be truly wonderful but, I need to get to a stage where I can at least hope, and well, that is a way away. Sorry for the depressing post. I hope there will be happy time ahead for all us.

One thing I really like about MN compared to other forums is that people aren't afraid to say that things are shite and tell things how they really are. xx

CMOTdibbler Wed 11-Nov-09 21:34:07

It is shite sad. We decided on a max no of mcs that we'd do before calling it a day as I just couldn't face doing it again and again. And why, having managed some good luck, decided not to do it again

annie51 Wed 11-Nov-09 22:10:30

Must agree with you all, had my 6th a month ago. I'm so jealous of all pregnant women and of all young babies. After no 3 we said no more but if you have a need what can you do except try again and again and again. Seeing the two lines on the preg test is no longer a cause for celebration only worry.

giraffesCantLightAFirework Wed 11-Nov-09 22:12:27

Am sorry. Agree, its very shite.

peanutpie Thu 12-Nov-09 16:38:47

I'm totally with you. It's completely pants.

HeadFairy Thu 12-Nov-09 16:43:42

Totally shite... I've only had two, but I had that same resigned fucked off feeling you describe. Luckily not too much pain, but my subsequent pregnancy has been (so far) 8 months of worry and stress. I'm still knicker spotting and I've only got 6 weeks to go.

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