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Non-surgical miscarriage - how much pain did you experience?

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ClaireDeLoon Sun 08-Nov-09 21:59:46

I am currently going through 2nd mc and have opted for non-surgical route and I'm finding the pain really hard and surprising. First mc it was OK but this time it is hideous, nurofen do nothing at all. Is this normal (I am 9-10 weeks no development since 6 weeks)? How can I help the pain?

Also I am bleeding really heavily and have been for 5 days. It's not soaking a pad an hour like they warn about except it did early hours of this morning when pains were most severe. I just want to know when this will all stop and the pain will go

EldonAve Sun 08-Nov-09 22:23:15

sorry to hear this
have you tried a hot water bottle or stronger painkillers like codydramol?

if the bleeding doesn't start to ease then I think you should see your GP or the hosp again

pruneplus2 Sun 08-Nov-09 22:56:57

Sorry to hear you are miscarrying.

Have you actually miscarried anything obvious yet? (sorry, cant quite think of a "nice" way to put that...)

I have had 2 natural m/c's this year (March and July) and the 2nd one was very, very painful - the pain was akin to actual labour. And I bled very, very heavily, having to be rushed to A&E then admitted to EPU ward for monitoring once I had miscarried at home.

However, having said that, the pain was at its worst for 2-3 hours, then after miscarrying the pain subsided dramatically but thats when the heavy blood loss and blood clot loss problems started.

Do you have a 24 hour contact number for the EPU? Maybe give them a call to see whats best to do.

Failing that, if you are really not coping with the pain and blood loss then call an ambulance.

Best wishes xxx

Charliemouse500 Sun 08-Nov-09 23:19:23

I'm very sorry for your loss, I went through a similar MMC at 12 weeks a few months ago.

From what I can remember I had maybe 3-4 days of bleeding which got heavier, with sort of bad period pains which increased, and then one very bad day which was the actual miscarriage (if you see what I mean without going into too much detail, as Prune says there isn't a nice way to talk about it really).

It may be worth ringing NHS direct re pain relief, as I was recommended by the EPU to combine two pain killers, but I'm afraid I can't remember if it was aspirin and ibuprofen or not, so please check before.

At the time the pain was very difficult to handle and quite frightening, however once I had passed two or three large clots (sorry if TMI) it did ease off quite quickly, back to sort of normal, manageable period pains.

I wasn't prepared for how painful it was going to be (the EPU described it as feeling like a heavy period, which was at best a massive understatement). Don't be afraid to go back to hospital / A&E if you are still concerned - when I had a follow up at the EPU they said I could have gone back to hospital so the pain could be managed better.

I hope things get easier for you soon x

ClaireDeLoon Mon 09-Nov-09 08:25:16

Thanks for responses everyone. I have passed clots and other tissue, quite a bit of both, that was early hours of yesterday. I still keep getting bad pains and then will pass another clot or two. I guess these will keep on going until there are no clots left then. Don't think I'm going to go work today as scared of the pain/blood loss starting on the train or in the office. I think I'll call the hospital and see what they think too.

Had more pains overnight and a heat pad really helped thanks for that tip. When the pain starts it comes in waves and I think even when it isn't hurting I'm lying there tense awaiting the next bout of pain which isn't helping.

sabby2 Tue 10-Nov-09 10:57:23

hiya,i had a misscarage at 10wks last year and was also told the pain would be like period was more like labour! the bleeding got really heavy jst managed to get to hospital and collapsed in reception blood pouring down my legs.I have also had 2 ectopics and found the misscarrage by far harder to deal with.the doctor said my baby had got stuck in the cervix and thats what all the pain was! i would suggest going to A&E.just be on the safe side.look after yourself.

iggypiggy Tue 10-Nov-09 11:44:37

So sorry you going through this sad

My mc was at 10 weeks - with no development from 6 weeks and I also opted for non-surgical / natural route. I found that painkillers didn't touch the pain - but that is stopped after passing some large clots.

So I think you are right about it stopping when everything (in terms of clots) is out. After that I did bleed for 7 more days, but was more like having a period.

Look after yourself and if you are worried then go to the hospital. xx

ClaireDeLoon Tue 10-Nov-09 12:53:51

Thanks iggy and sabby. Thankfully now the pain has stopped and no more in the way of clots since yesterday afternoon. I'm still bleeding fairly heavily though so I'm trying to get through to the gynae ward to make sure that is OK - it's day 7 of what I would call heavy bleeding.

MunchMummy Tue 10-Nov-09 12:59:07

I miscarried at 8 weeks, no development from 6 weeks.
I wasn't offered a surgical procedure, so it took 3 weeks to complete itself.
The pain - well, having had 2 successful babies since I can say it was almost as painful as labour itself. After a few days of lighter bleeding and bad pains I had 2 days of terrible pain, culminating in the miscarriage (filling up a pad every 10 mins), which lasted about hours.
Then bleeding and pain tailed off, but a check at the hospital said I had more to come. 2 weeks later the bleeding started again the the rest came out in the space of an hour. Then another week of period like bleeding and we were all done.

I'm sorry its happening to you - its horrible and shouldn't happen to anyone. Big hugs to you.

RnB Tue 10-Nov-09 13:02:28


when I miscarried a few years ago at (10 weeks, mmc) had the cramps (contractions) for a few days and passed a lot of clots and blood. I was in hospital in Italy where they don't believe in pain relief during miscarriage hmm so I can't help you there. But I think your doctor should be able to prescribe some decent pain relief?

After the pains seemed to reach a peak I passed out the sac containing the baby . The pains then pretty much stopped and light bleeding continued for 4 days or so.

I really hope it goes as well as can be expected for you. Wishing you all the best

ChoChoSan Tue 10-Nov-09 13:19:12

Hi There,

I'm am really sorry to hear what you are going through, and I hope that it has reached a resolution by now. If not, I really would recommend asking Gp for very strong painkillers (I got morphine to take at EPAU and co-dydramol to take home).

I had m/c at 10 weeks - foetus stopped developing at about 8.5, and the pain was excruciating - like contractions. At the time I thought I might be exaggerating by comparing it to labour blush, but since then I have spoken to others who have had children and they compare it to early stages. This is unexpected and shocking, especially as it is relatively early (and also when other people dont find it particularly painful. It would be helpful if they gave out more info on what to expect.

Take care of yourself.

iggypiggy Tue 10-Nov-09 13:28:03

cho I agree - i was told it will be like a heavy period - it was far worse than any period I've had...

ClaireDeLoon Tue 10-Nov-09 13:31:29

There was a thread yesterday saying should people be told the truth - even if it is a bit graphic and I think most people agree with you both. It's better to be aware of what may happen, it saves the worry and fear when it is bad.

My 1st mc was like a heavy period so I think that is hwy I was so worried this time. there was nothing like the pain that I suffered this time.

Thanks for your kind words btw, I'm feeling a lot better today no severe pain since yesterday afternoon and only the odd minor twinge. Really hope it's over now.

Fiona1000 Tue 10-Nov-09 13:36:51

Thinking of you - am just going through my 4th MC, which doesn't seem as bad as the last 3 which I went to hospital for. I have been put on drips twice due to very low blood pressure, so it is definately worth you going to be checked. I had some very strong drugs for the pain that you can only get from the hospital, as nothing else worked, evey codydramol, so if you are very bad I would definitely go in to Casualty Dept and get checked. It can be a horrendous process to go through at home, especially if you are on your own when it is happening. For my last MC they kept me in in case I needed a blood transfusion and evac. Please don't even think about going into work for 2 weeks - thats what my doctor advised - emotional and physical trauma on your body and it needs time to heal. Take some time out for you, so your body has a proper recovery ready for the next pregnancy. Sending you healing thoughts at this difficult time.

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