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2nd LMC - advice please

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bb99 Mon 02-Nov-09 17:28:47


Just found out this morning that I've had 2nd LMMC at around about the exact time as the first 3 years ago, 17-18 weeks. (Luckily have had dc in the mean time with aspirin)

Had bleeding and heamatoma this time, plus 2 weekly scans (hence the crap scan this am grin but was told this am that there was no point in looking for hughes as I was tested negative last time hmm. They are thinking of looking at the chromasones and we will have a pm this time. Due to have medical intervention on Weds am to get things moving.

Any advice welcome, esp on medical intervention as had 'abortion pill' last time and was wondering if I could get away with just having cervix ripening pessaries this time, as I'm not convinced putting poor old uterus thru A. pill extremes again will help any future pgs...

kissmummy Mon 02-Nov-09 19:25:28

oh gosh, bb99 i'm so sorry. 17-18 weeks is a devastating time to have a miscarriage, especially after all the monitoring you've had etc. i've no idea about how miscarriages are dealt with at your stage. all mine have been first trimester, and i've always been offered a D+C. is 18 weeks too late to have a D+C?
my hospital doesn't offer the 'abortion pill' at all. they consider it too traumatic in cases of miscarriage and also say it can be very painful etc. has nobody at the hospital given you any advice on your options?
take a few days to weigh things up. after my fourth miscarriage was diagnosed three weeks ago i was in a state of complete shock and rushed into booking a D+C three days later.
The night before the operation i totally freaked out and ended up cancelling it in the hope of miscarrying naturally. It hasn't happened so i'm off for the D+C tomorrow anyway, but at least i gave my body a chance.
i'll keep an eye on this thread to see how you're doing...but sad for you - it's awful.

bb99 Mon 02-Nov-09 19:59:20

kissmummy - hope tomorrow goes as well as it can for you.

Think I'll look more closely at the options on Weds am and ask a lot more questions.

Got a bit fed up with people being so nice this morning as had a lot to hold together infront of DH (first scan he's ever been able to come to, poor thing. Not quite the how we'd hoped for) and dc, who as a toddler HATES boring hospitals. Kept getting told to be careful ad that I'd 'been hit by a truck', just wish people would understand how much I don't want to loose the plot at the moment - have got too much to keep going and focus on in RL.

Anyway, hope you are OK tomorrow.


bb99 Mon 02-Nov-09 20:00:17

Oh - I meant Show, not how.

kissmummy Mon 02-Nov-09 20:36:36

thanks. i know what you mean about not being able to lose the plot. it's not always an option if you've got a toddler and not much help at home. i have found this message board hugely helpful over the last 18 months and in particular in the days/weeks after each miscarriage. i hope it's helpful for you too, going forward.

annie51 Tue 03-Nov-09 11:28:32

Hi bb99

I've had 6 mc none as late as your's latest was 14 weeks. I had a D & C each time so unsure as to your options. I find that it's not until I've lost the plot that I start to think a bit straight, before that I'm in a daze, for ages after I would find things in the weirdest of places eg packet of sauce mix in the freezer, ( spent ages looking for it.) burned dinners or the cooker not turned on at all so raw dinners. I have two DD and they keep me going but have a good cry. Let your DH know how your feeling as they really don't understand. Mine does his best but his way of showing it is to try and be helpful with the dd's and around the house so that I can rest.Thinking of you

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