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Bleeding at 5.5 weeks, mixed messages from epau

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katring Mon 26-Oct-09 19:41:28


Just wondered if anyone has experienced similar? I thought i was six weeks pregnant today - started bleeding yesterday, a mixture of brown and fresh blood - but not that much, generally only when wiping. So i went to EPAU and had a scan - the sonographer said that i was five and a half weeks pregnant so they couldn't see the heartbeat - she was very encouraging, telling me that next week they will be able to see heartbeat and that what i experienced was very common. I was so pleased. Then i got taken in to a side room by the sister on the unit who told me that i was four and a half weeks and that i had an "irregular shaped amniotic sac" she basically told me that i will start to bleed heavily and have a miscarriage soon. My hcg levels are 15,000. i couldn't believe the mixed messages - has anyone ever experienced this? who do you think would know best, the sonographer or the nurse? thanks x

EldonAve Mon 26-Oct-09 19:49:10

Sounds like they might have mixed up patients

Did they give you a letter to give to your GP?

katring Mon 26-Oct-09 19:52:05

No, but i asked for a copy of the sonographers report, it does say about the "irregular" shape - all very confusing though. Get to see midwife tomorrow so may be she can shed some light!!!

AnnieDelores Mon 26-Oct-09 20:02:08

I am 5.5 weeks and started bleeding today too. Its like a normal period but definitely fresh red blood. I have an appointment at the early pregnancy clinic tomorrow morning and am very upset, even though I know this is common. I suspect that with a period this heavy it's not good. I took another clear blue digital test this afternoon and it said "Pregnant 1 - 2 weeks" which is the same as when I first took the test over two weeks ago. Can only assume that means my hcg levels are dropping off. Any thoughts?

katring Mon 26-Oct-09 20:11:26

so sorry, its terrible isn't it? i just feel in limbo. I would say see what they say tomorrow, they will probably do an hcg level as they did with me and then a scan. If the scan doesn't clarify things (because apparently can't see heartbeat til 6 weeks - at least thats what they told me today) then they will be able to monitor you levels and see if they are dropping off. I have to wait another week for a scan so i'm going to ask my midwife if she can take my hcg level on thursday as they say check it every 48hrs. horrible isn't it? lots and lots of luck for tomorrow x

AnnieDelores Mon 26-Oct-09 20:23:43

Hey. Yes its horrible but at least we know we're not alone. Thanks for your advice. Don't know what I'd do without this website! I haven' even seen a midwife yet because they said I didn't need to for 8 weeks. Would I be able to ask them to see me now anyway ? Even if its just to monitor hcg levels? I've resigned myself now to expect the worst. I know its silly, and its such early days and very common (25% chance of loss before 8 weeks apparently) its still upsetting isn't it? Is your partner with you? I hope you get to see your midwife on Thursday as its the waiting that's the worst.

katring Mon 26-Oct-09 20:37:48

I've done the same, resigned myself to what they are telling me is the inevitable, but doesn't make it any easier. I would definitely think they will see you now, the epu might also arrange a follow up to monitor Hcg levels. if they don't contact your GP and ask for his/her advice or phone your midwives direct - think they are very helpful in these circumstances. Yes my partner is with me which is a help - is yours? let me know how you get on - will keep my fingers crossed for you x

AnnieDelores Mon 26-Oct-09 20:43:31

Yes he is with me. Poor thing has just been to Tesco to get me santitary towels and hot chocolate! Will check in with you again tomorrow. x

katring Mon 26-Oct-09 20:50:30

get you pj's on and have a good nights sleep ready for tomorrow (if you can) take care x

AnnieDelores Tue 27-Oct-09 17:06:01

Any update? I went to EPU. The nurse was irritated that my GP sent me there because I'm just under 6 weeks. She did a pregnancy test, it came up negative, so they didn't bother to do blood test or scan. Waste of time really. Still bleeding today so I can safely assume its all over. I suppose the lesson here is never to assume anything until you reach at least 9 or 10...maybe even 12 weeks. Harsh but fair!

stephie101 Tue 27-Oct-09 21:09:55

All I can stress is please please go back and ask questions, it's you right to do so, to be honest if the medical proffesion don't know they just make an educated guess. In the last 2 weeks Iv'e miscarried twice, been told I have a healthy pregnancy and have just been discharged after being treated for an ectopic pregnancy at 3wks+4.
For your own peace of mind, ask more questions and don't give up, make sure you have support on hand and stay strong.
In the end I did have a diagnoses, which I am relieved but it took them two weeks, and a lot of mixed feelings for me, my ds, dd and dp, and the rest of my very supportive family.

Take care and let me know how things work out.x

katring Tue 27-Oct-09 21:22:24

Hi, firstly, i am so sorry to Anniedelores and stephie for your sad news.

I went to see my midwife today who couldn't believe the mixed messages that i'd been told. She managed to get me an appointment at the EPU near where i live (i went to a walk in one yesterday further away) - so i was re scanned and today told that my gestation sac is absolutely normal and i was showed a heartbeat!! yesterday i was told i was most certainly going to mis carry and now this today!! so you are right about going back and asking questions. my head is absolutely spinning but i am still scared as its early days.

Take care xx

lotty321 Wed 28-Oct-09 06:45:38 5.3 days..started to bleed last friday morning and passed a clot late friday night.It took me until Monday pm to get a docs appointmet,she sent me to epac yest morning..was told there coldnt scan me until nxt tuesday when i'll be 6wks 2 days..Woke a 5am this to another pretty convinced iv mc..just wish the medical ppl could let me know whats goin on..

stephie101 Wed 28-Oct-09 08:42:08

lotty321 I do understand, it's so difficult, then when you ask questions they give you loads of possible diagnoses. I would say to anyone with sporadic unusual bleeding to get it checked out asap, I undertsnad that now you can also phone the gynea ward and speak to anyone on call, they can usually decide what to do, in my experience it's the best way to bypass any Gp, A and E or nurse. I hope everything will be ok for you lotty321.Take care..x

lotty321 Wed 28-Oct-09 11:59:40

Thanx stephie 101...its great to hve support like this,my hubby is being really supportive but its not the same as when ppl have been/going through the same.Think im finding it hard because with my other 3 children i've never experienced any bleeding at all..thanx again ladies..x

AnnieDelores Wed 28-Oct-09 14:34:53

First of all, Katring I'm so so pleased that you have a glimmer of light now. You were so calm on the outside, even though you must have been going mad inside. I sincerely hope everything works out for you. If you want to compain about your treatment, you have every right.....but now that you have good news...its probably not worth it.

Lotty321 I know exactly what you're going through. Its the not knowing that is the horrible bit. I micarried myself at 5.5 weeks on Monday. I'm still bleeding now - like a heavy period. It's true that they wont scan you until you are 6 weeks, they told me the same at the hospital yesterday. They just wont be able to see anything. All I can say is take it easy as stress will make it worse. I know that's easier said than done. General evidence suggests that if the blood is bright red and like a normal period with period symptoms, then it doesn't look good. If its brownish and very light, then you may be ok.

Whatever happens, its very early days and you'll be fine to try again as long as you have no infections or medical conditions. I've just come off the phone from the Miscarriage association and they said we can start trying again as soon as we're ready.

Does that help?


katring Thu 29-Oct-09 09:52:13

Hi to everyone,

Just to say, i went to a walk in emergency EPAU- its at the MRI in manchester if anyone lives near there. It doesn't matter where you live as long as you have had a positive preg test, you can go. I would have had to wait 8 days and although they gave me some duff info, my friend went about three months ago with pain and she was scanned to see if it was an ectopic and received great treatment. i didn't know about the service and not sure how many walk ins around the country but worth checking out.

Kate x

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