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silent miscarriage

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redblue Fri 23-Oct-09 15:17:13

Before I had my baby girl I had a silent miscarriage end of 2006. The worst thing was finding out at the dating scan when we had both been so excited and in anticpation and the shock and disappointment was difficult. I was blessed with a gorgeous baby girl since and feel so lucky but now I am pregnant again with number 2 I am worried. I think I am about 10 or 11 weeks and i have a dating and nuchal scan for this time next week, friday morning. But although I have done a few pregnancy tests over the weeks which are all positive, apart from one occassion very early on when I felt nausea, I have had no sickness at all certainly not as much as I felt with my daughter. Also although i have felt tired I don't feel the totally wiped out feeling i felt in the first week or so and I am half attributing the lack of tiredness to my working mon - thurs. As an indication with my daughter and in the first week or two of this second pregnancy i was ready to go to bed at about 7.30pm, now i still feel awake around 10pm. I know none of this particularly means anything but with my scan coming up I am getting more paranoid about every little sign which might mean my baby is no longer with me. On the up side hmm my tummy is bigger and the old strech marks i had with my daughter are starting to make a bit of a re appearance but then my appetite is not like it was at this stage with my daughter. Anyone out there able to help with any signs they had before a silent mc - (realising nothing is certain) i would rather be a bit prepared if the news is not going to be good this time next week

lulu78 Fri 23-Oct-09 15:30:26

Hi redblue, I think you should try not to worry and stress until until you have had your scan. Try to think positively, I no that is easier said then done because you have had a silent m/c before but just try to think everything will be ok like it was with your baby girl. I have just recently had a silent m/c went for a private scan at 10wks and then was told there was no heartbeat and it dies at 5wks 5 days. I had all the pregnancy symptons so I thought everything was ok, I suppose what I am trying to say is each pregnancy is different so just because you had all the sickness and tirdness with your other pregnancy you might not have it with this one...! Perhaps you have a little boy thats why it is so different. My friend is 38wks pregnant now and she had an early scan at 9wks because she had no symptons of pregnancy what so ever and when she went for her scan everything was fine. I am sure everything will be ok next week.

Let us no how it goes and good luck. x x

redblue Fri 23-Oct-09 20:14:39

hi lulu78 thanks for your wise words, you are of course right, no one can tell what is happening till i have the scan and there is nothing i can do till then. thanks for your sensible post, it has helped me. i will post the outcome whatever it is, i have been through silent m/c before so i guess at leat i know what to expect if that is to be the answer (your experience sounds very similar to mine, no heartbeat they thought the baby died at about 6 weeks)

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