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I just need to download if thats alright...

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scrappydappydoo Thu 22-Oct-09 17:00:15

Had a scan yesterday - where they detected no baby (should have been 7 wks) I have a follow up next week to confirm mc. I feeling really terrible - I have bad cramps and I'm still bleeding. I'm just snapping and shouting at my two dds - they're just going stir crazy sitting inside but I don't want to go out - I don't know what to do - I just want to curl up in bed and sleep and cry. I have no-one who can look after dds during the day (my mums away and mil is 6 hr drive away and everyone else works). I'm getting angry because if I had a job I'd have the week off sick but because I'm a sahm I have to deal with this and my two dds - behaving as normal as possible cos they don't know whats going on and then get angry with myself for thinking that because I'm blessed to have 2 beautiful dds and should be cherishing them and not yelling at them Its not their fault its not anyones fault - i've been told to rest - I can't take them to the park or swimming or anything we usually do. I'm already fed up with people doing that sideways head tilt accompanied by 'Are you ok??'. I need a break - I want to go away and deal with this somewhere else but i can't (really I can't) and its half term next week so I'll have dd1 at home instead of at playgroup and I'm dreading it. I'm sorry I just needed to put this down somewhere

scrappydappydoo Thu 22-Oct-09 17:02:05

Sorrry I meant I had a scan on tuesday - I've lost track of days...

FullMooniMarmite Thu 22-Oct-09 17:08:49

Scrappy, so sorry to hear this. Do you have friends or family that can help out with your DDs next week?

I've just had an MMC and ERPC and have been feeling like I can't cope with taking care of my DS - my Mum and Dad have helped out for a couple of days which has really helped me 'just be' for a short time.

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