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Getting some tests for recurrent miscarriages - Don't know what to expect - Im Scared!

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lulu78 Thu 22-Oct-09 10:35:55

Can anyone advise as I am very nervous and not too sure what to expect. I have just had my 3rd miscarriage and my doctor has referred me for some tests. The hospital originally said they wouldn't because all m/c have been different but I went to my doctor who was very understanding and she reffered me straight away. I have my appointment on 5th November which I am really pleased because it means I dont have to wait long but really don't no what to expect. Will my 1st appointment be just a consultation or will they test straight away? If it is a consultation will I then be waiting a long time after for the tests?

Hope someone can put my mind at ease. x x x

wheresmypaddle Thu 22-Oct-09 11:09:51

Hi there I had tests for recurrent miscarriage over 3 years ago.

The details are a little hazy so hopefully someone else may be able to give you some more precise advice but from memory I firstly had to give doctor details of the miscarriages I had had (how many weeks pregnant I was, amount and duration of bleeding) and details of my cycle (how long, any pain, amount and duration of bleeding during period).

I had several blood tests to check for various things, really sorry but I don't remember exactly what they were for but I am sure there were some tests for clotting factors as well as other things. DP also had a blood test as did I to look for any genetic factors.

I was totally utterley convinced that there was a definate medical reason for my miscarriages. I sort of hoped this was the case so that we could move onto ways of preventing them- but everything came back fine.

I then had another miscarriage and this time the doctor also did some bloo tests to look at hormone levels- FSH and LH I think. This was related to looking at the relative quality of my eggs and my 'reproductive age'. I also had a scan. The result of all this was that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome despite having few of the typical symptoms. Doc explained that there can be an elevated risk of miscarriage if you have PCOS due to egg quality and some hormonal factors (I think this is a controverial view TBH).

He prescribed me metformin and three months later I fell pregnant and this resulted in DS. Its so hard to say if the metformin helped (under docs advise I took it for first trimester), I don't want anyone to think its a miracle cure.

Anyway- sorry if have gone on too long just wanted to give you my experience. IMO there is every chance in the world that you will go on to have a DC.

Helloall Thu 22-Oct-09 19:22:03

Had one healthy boy then two miscarriages and then sent to recurrent miscarriage clinic for testing.

First appointment - they asked for gyne / medical history. Then I had to give 3 vials of blood which they test for all sorts of things. Also had a smear.

Then they made an appointment for scan.

I remember that one of the blood tests has to be done over 2 months or something -

All in all think I had about 3 different hospital visits. Took about 3 months from original appointment before we went back and they went through all the results. Everything came up negative.

2 months later fell pregnant and had daughter.

lulu78 Fri 23-Oct-09 11:29:51

Hi wheresmypaddle and helloall. Thanks for your msgs they have been very helpful knowing what to expect. Im going to go with an open mind and if all tests come back negative that will then put my mind at rest knowing it is not me or my body lacking in anything to stop the pregnancy. Time will tell and hopefully my day will come soon. smile x x x

annie51 Sat 24-Oct-09 12:52:56

Along with all the blood tests I have also had the tubes looked at andmy overies checked by dye being put through them its called a laparoscopy, mine was gone under a GA as a day case patient the gynae also checked for scarring on the womb while he had me knocked out.
Hope this helps

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