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shyla01 Sat 10-Oct-09 17:46:43

i had an erpc on 4th sept. while i was in the hospital, i had some blood tests done ready for when i see my consultant for recurrant mc tests.

received a letter on monday of this week saying that my appt had been moved again. (long and quite boring story)

so, i went to my gp to see if she could get my results for me so i could take them to see a cons privately.

she had a look at the results and the clotting tests all appear 'normal' when i asked where any of them at either end of the scale. she just said they were 'very normal'

all except the hormone tests. would this be because of the day they were done? surely having hormone tests on the day of erpc isnt a good idea?

i was quite shocked that the clotting ones were normal so it went out of my head to ask what the levels were. Also completely fogot to get a copy of the results which is what i went for! duh. blush

dont know what im asking really. just was stupidly pinning all my hope's on these tests giving us an answer as to why this keeps happening. so disappointing.

starkadder Tue 13-Oct-09 18:11:12

Hi Shyla

I've had 3 MCs now so I've ben told to have the tests done too. I was confused as I couldn't work out what I wanted from the tests - if I wanted them to show something was wrong or not - either way has its positives and negatives. At least if the tests come back "normal" it means that you have a really high chance of a successful pregnancy next time - about 75% according to RCOG.

shyla01 Wed 14-Oct-09 15:38:01

hi starkadder i'm the same. very relieved there is nothing obviously wring but then again i really wanted an answer. i refuse to believe that having 4 mc in a row is bad luck. epecially for 3 of thoseto be around 8wks.

75% is a decent figure tho isnt it

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