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Advice re fertilty following miscarriages

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skinsl Wed 07-Oct-09 09:54:30

I have one child, nearly 2,who was conceived very easily and TTC, but have had 2 v early miscarriages this year. EPU said too early for referral or any investigation, but GP has referred me to hospital. Nearly 40 so time not on my side.How long should I expect to wait for appointment? and what sort of tests should I expect? Also have a private appt at Parkside, but nervous about how much that could end up costing and also the doctor, not sure how good, would prefer a recommendation.
Any advice appreciated, thanks

EldonAve Wed 07-Oct-09 14:16:47

I have heard good things about this guy
He does NHS at George's and private at parkside

Re costs - the sec should be able to tell you the consultants fees and may be able to list out any likely blood test fees for you

vtiredmummy Wed 07-Oct-09 18:07:08

Dear skinsl I am in a similar position, in that I have one ds, nearly 3 conceived without any trouble and with a straightforward pregnancy and birth. This year I had one mc at 6 wks in march and one missed miscarriage discovered at 12 wk scan, 3 weeks ago.

NHS won't offer me treatment until I have 3 in a row, so I've made an appt to go private. They couldn't tell me costs as it depends on tests they do, but initial consultation is £125.

Having read up and asked advice, the likelyhood is they'll do blood tests of both parents in case of passing on chromosomal abnormalities, and a scan of the uterus. As I understand it, there are some tests they won't need to do since we have both conceived and carried to full term before.

Do keep me posted, wishing you all the best smile

skinsl Thu 08-Oct-09 15:21:07

Thanks for recommendation Eldon

Vtired, I am so sorry, must have been awful to find out on scan, hope you are doing ok?

NHS appointment just come through and private appt a couple of days later, so I think i will see what the NHS say and then if not happy, will go for the private one. Not too worried about consultation costs but worried about costs getting out of control if I need treatment. My delivery with DS was not very straightforward, they basically dragged him out (he was 101bs!) so I think I am worried that there may be some damage, but no symptoms of that, so hopefully ok.

Seem to be more emotional now than at the time of m/c. I think maybe i am overthinking things.

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