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possible pregnancy immediately following MC? Am I a fool?

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CakeandFineWine Fri 02-Oct-09 19:49:13

Hi all

I had a MC a few weeks ago. 3rd sept to be exact was when actual MC happen but started on the sun before (?30th Aug)

Had really conflicting advice about TTC again so decided to take my on course of action, what will be will be!

Then had a follow up scan on Sept 17th and sonographer said I was about to ovulate. Went on hol following day and didn't use contraception.
Still no AF although I know it can take longer after MC.

????Can't bring myself to test but bought 4?!
Also if its a BFP REALLY don't think I could tell ANYONE nt even DH too scared someone tell me I'm being completely stupid and of course would have to tell him......

Thank god for MN!! grin

PandaEis Sat 03-Oct-09 02:24:58

so sorry about your MCsad

no you are definitely not a foolsmile

i would definitely say to wait a little while longer to test TBH the reason i say this is i know the feeling to get your hopes up post MC (i have had 4sad) and i also know the awful devastation of the BFN after MC especially after getting your hopes up to get preg straight awaysad i really hope you get your BFP and i dont want to put a dampener on your hope but i have been where you are and each time i have been very disappointed when either AF turned up late or i got BFN first and then AFsad

good luck

xx ei xx

roundabout1 Sat 03-Oct-09 14:58:25

Hi cake - I had an early mc 4 weeks ago & had sex twice the following wk after bleeding stopped. I did a preg test yesterday & got a bfp, I'd been feeling a bit off & just thought there was a chance I was pg. I'd done a very early test 10 days ago & got a negative. I'm very pleased/worried it's a false positive/ scared of another mc - lots of emotions. Also haven't told anyone (except on mn!) just don't want to admit it's a bfp in case I start to bleed again. Will do another test nxt week & if it's a bfp may admit it to myself & to dp!

SpeckledHen Sat 03-Oct-09 15:32:47

Hi! I have had 3 babies and 5mcs. 2 of my babies were conceived the month after I mced. Consultant said there is no evidence that anyone should wait before ttc and I didn't. My reason for positing is just to say I so knopw how ayou are feeling. I also had trouble telling dh but i did in te ned after waiting sa long as I could. Lots of love to you.

ChoChoSan Mon 05-Oct-09 12:30:09

Hi There,

I have had a similar experience, and obviously you need to excercise caution re. building up false hopes, as pregnancy hormones can remain in the system for some time after m/c, and give false readings.

In my case I got a bfp immediately after m/c, and subsequently drove myself *absolutely bonkers* waiting to find out if it was leftover HCG in the blood, or a new pregnancy altogether.

On that occasion it was a new pregnancy, but it might be worth waiting a few days for AF before testing, because if you think its frustrating not knowing now, just wait until you are armed with a BFP and the possibility it might be a false positive - that will probably hit you much harder than just waiting for AF.

What ever you do, Good Luck...fingers crossed!

CakeandFineWine Thu 08-Oct-09 13:02:57

Hi all
Thanks for all your msgs and advice.
Still no AF, Surely if sonographer said 3 weeks ago follicle on ovary about to ovulate AF would be here by now?
anyhow did one test on Mon and vv.faint BFP so waited until yest and did CB digital BFN I'm so confused & I know its not residual HCG as had -ve test 14 days after MMC!

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