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NK41635cc3X1221bafd660 Fri 25-Sep-09 13:25:32

Hi there, five years ago I suffered a misscarrage at 9 weeks, what I was told was 'normal'. Having had one child and an awful birth nearly loosing my own life, the misscarriage was very upsetting but I quickly moved on and for my own sake went to work the next day. Six months later I was pregnant again, had all my tests at twelve weeks, all fine. Then on a business trip abroad I started to suffer from the most unbelievable headache and incredibly sore neck and vommitting, it sounds stupid but I just thought I'd over done it.
To cut a long story short these are the effects of Toxoplasmosis, (i'd had a mild cold a few days before also a sign). By 19 weeks I was told my baby had died and had to deliver her?and then face the buriel which you now do at this stage. Just awful and I think it about it alot. It was believed that I had picked up the virus from cat pee in our garden (we don't have cats but neighbours do) when I had been gardening several weeks earlier. I had tests done which showed I had Toxoplasmosis in my system. I don't want to scare anyone but it's the one thing you can't imagine happening to you. 1 year later I gave birth to a little girl, still with a very traumatic birth, but I got what I wanted from not giving up!!!
My husband wanted me to stop trying but at the same time accepted that we had endured a run of very bad luck. I promised him I would not try in vein nor to the destruction of our marriage and with one more attempt I had my beautiful little girl. At the time I didn't know how to get through it but dealing with it head on was the only way.

Bean7 Sun 27-Sep-09 16:59:54

So sorry for yor loss. I MC recently but am coping well. Thanks for your post about Toxoplasmosis symptons. As soon as I was pregnant I stopped petting the Cat and was told to wear gloves if gardening. I'm thinking positively and looking forwards to my next pregnancy. I'm sure it will happen for me someday

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