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Do you still attend a scan?

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oxcat1 Thu 24-Sep-09 18:11:23


I've had a rather long and complicated thread here and I wondered if you could help me?

The doctor is trying to arrange a scan for me at the Early Pregnancy Unit, partly to establish whether I was ever pregnant, and partly to confirm that I am no longer, if that had been the case. Suppose I were to start bleeding between now and the arranged scan, do I still attend? I had hoped to ask the doctor but I didn't get the chance.

Thank you.

sunburntats Thu 24-Sep-09 18:19:39

Havent read the post, sorry.
But it may be a good idea to attend the scan to jsut confirm that every thing has gone if you were pregnant.

It might just put your mind at ease, and answer some questions for you.

Its a real strange thing making babies, not black and white at all is it. sad

holdingittogether Thu 24-Sep-09 18:20:18

I would still go. Bleeding doesn't automaticaly mean mc and it's best to check nothing is retained even if it is mc.

Hope you get the outcome you want.

oxcat1 Thu 24-Sep-09 18:27:35

You're right of course.

I suppose I'm scared to go. At the moment I can just pretend it was a really late period and one mistaken pregnancy test, whereas if they confirm I had been pregnant, that's also confirming that I lost a pregnancy.

Holding - I'm afraid the chance of the outcome I want is next to nil. Surely a successful pregnancy would be continually positive by now. Either way, the realistic outcome is that I'm not having a baby now.

Thanks. sad

oxcat1 Thu 24-Sep-09 18:28:13

p.s. Not that I'm bleeding yet. It just feels inevitable somehow.

rainbowdays Fri 25-Sep-09 22:28:20

I had replied on the other thread before I saw this one. I think that your positive test could well be from a batch of tests from the doctors that were giving false positives, since you did not get positive tests on other tests at the same time, home pregnancy tests are actually more sensitive than the ones doctors have normally. I think that if you bleed between now and the scan it would be wise to assume it is not a miscarriage but realise that it was in all likelyhood a faulty test (as others have posted experience of this from recent doctors tests), for your own sanity. If it is important to confirm if you were pregnant then you should go to the scan. It does sound as if you hope you were pregnant. Sorry if this sounds insensitive but having had 5 miscarriages myself, I have got to the point of not wanting scans to see a miscarriage, so perhaps I am biased on not advising early scans. I hope you get your answers soon.

littlebellsmum Sat 26-Sep-09 21:40:43

Be aware, they may not be able to confirm if you were ever pregnant in the first place. I've only had the one mc and was recommended to go for the scan. It wasn't a nice experience and I already knew I'd had a mc ( vast amounts of bleeding)
Take care and do what you think is best for you

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