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Hi I'm new. :(

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Meanbeansmum Sat 19-Sep-09 10:30:57

I should have been 6 weeks pregnant today. I started bleeding/spotting 2 days ago. Saw the dopc and got referred to the epu.

I had a scan and the sonographer said the endometrium was thickened but she could find no visible signs of a pregnancy. I went to see the nurse and did a pregnancy test which was positive (I will try to add a pic). So now I have a pregnancy of unknown location. The options are (with bloods taken).
1 Miscarriage which is effect has already happened and baby has been absorbed/lost, if my hcg levels go down by sunday.
2 Ectopic which isn't visible on the scan yet and as it's early I'd get an injection of a chemotherapy drug to kill any pregnancy cells without invasive surgery. My hcg levels in this case would plateau and I'd need a further scan.
3. It's just too early to see a pregnancy on a scan.
I know in my heart it's not number 3 as I know my dates and I had a positive test 2 weeks ago. I just pray it's not ectopic.

I just feel so confused, I still feel pg, my tests are still +ve but I know for my dates I should be 6 weeks. I'm not hopeful at all but my bleeding is still just spotting.

What can I expect? When will my cycles return? I'm not coping with this at all well, I just didn't expect it, it's shocked me to be honest. I just wanted ton come somewhere that there are people who will understand how I feel.xxxxxxxxx

So sorry for everyone's

Meanbeansmum Sat 19-Sep-09 10:31:48

Sorry copied and pasted from my blog (can't add a pic here).

Scorps Sat 19-Sep-09 10:34:20

You poor thing

your cycles will return, after a complete mc. If you mc naturally, IME I had heavy bleeding ad cramps for a few days.

I'm sorry I don't have experience of medically managed mcs, but I am very sorry for your loss xx

Meanbeansmum Sat 19-Sep-09 22:58:18

I had my baseline bloods back. HCG 344 progesterone 5.6 (which is rally low). My spotting has stopped. Off for more bloods tomorrow. This is too
Scorps thanks hun.xx

Jules80 Wed 23-Sep-09 13:40:49

Hi Meanbeanmum

Im really sorry about your loss.

I had a miscarraige about a month ago.

I had a period this month but it was a little werid.

its ok to feel still preg as your body is still getting used t it and then gettin unused to it. You will feel loads of emotion etc and its perfectly normal.

i would take your time recovering and dont worry when your period will return ok .

I hope your procedures went well wich iever one you chose.

sorrry again

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