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3rd miscarriages this year...

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nesslassie Fri 18-Sep-09 13:41:13

So, I've just got back from the hospital having had a scan to confirm I have had another miscarriage, I was 5-6 weeks gone.

I had m/c's in April and in June, also about the 5-6 week mark.

The EPU and Doc's have been great. My partner and I have had blood tests taken from us (chromosome test) and are being referred to the Rucurrent Miscarriage Clinic.

My question is, has anyone had any experience of these clinics? What happens next?

Will come back later, I'm going to try and sleep for a while.

TIA. xx

masonicpixiesreadthedailymail Fri 18-Sep-09 13:56:38

hope you managed to have a nice rest. Poor you. Most awful for you both

Reaccurrent mc clinic is basically chance to have various investigations and talk through yr fears / anxieties / plans for future pg with mw who usually has some professional experience in this area (often bereavement mw)

If something is found with yrs or yr dp's chromosomes you would most likely be referred to genetics counsellor who would give you further info / advice

Good that you have this referral as it may give you some answers / reasons. Although be prepared for maybe not getting to the bottom of things either

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