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kerrysyme Thu 17-Sep-09 00:13:55

hi i just thought i would share my story with people who understand what i am going through 2 weeks ago i went for an emergency scan i had this because i have previously had 2 mc but also i have had 2 healthy babies, during my first scan they told me that i was to early to trace a hb i was measuring at 6 weeks so i was asked to come back a week later when i whent back they told me that my water bag had developed but could not see any development within the yolk sac at this point i thought that i had already had a mc but they still could not tell me if i had lost our baby or if the hb may develop but i went bk today a fortnight from my first scan and my fears were confirmed that our baby had not developedsad. due to my experience i would not advise anyone to have a scan befor they are ten weeks pregnant,i felt that i was left in limbo i could not greive or celebrate as i was unsure if my baby was going to survie or not. my heart goes out to women that find them self in my shoes i wish you all the luck in the world xxxxxx kerry

piprabbit Thu 17-Sep-09 02:31:51

Thanks for posting - I've been in a similar position as you a couple of times and agree that early scans (and the whole of business of waiting and hoping) are incredibly stressful.
Somehow I always felt as if the medical professionals were implying that it wasn't a 'real' pregnancy - which might be techincally correct, but doesn't help a couple who a desperately hoping to have a baby and who have pinned their hopes on this pregnancy.
Take care of yourself, you must be having a tough time at the moment.

duvetheaven Thu 17-Sep-09 23:42:02

Sorry to hear of your experience Kerry. Those days in limbo must feel so long. I had a scan in 2007 at 6 weeks and was told to come back at 7 weeks. I was convinced everything was fine but it wasn't and I had a MC/ ERPC. Take care and look after yourself.

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