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back to work tomorrow following MC, How will I keep it together,.,...

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CakeandFineWine Mon 14-Sep-09 20:01:36

I return to work tomorrow following my MC,
I've been off 2 weeks due to on/off ERPC etc.

Everyone at work knew I was pg due to risks at work and I was 13 weeks and had had a scan.

BUT I don't think everyone knows I've MC'd.
I'm dreading it TBH, Have no idea how I'll react or how others will and as I work in mental health I really don't want patients to see me upset, OMG HELP!!!!!!!!

KEAWYED Mon 14-Sep-09 20:07:12

I returned after 2 weeks, thought was o.k. Had 30 mins at work and burst into tears. Work sent me home and I had another 3 weeks off.

I was worried about everyone looking at me like I was a freak show but they were fine.

I just thought the whole office would know because gossip spreads like wild fire but people were discreet and kind and surprosingly it wasnt gossiped about.

It also made me realised just how many women have MC.

Good luck tomorrow, it does get easier.

KEAWYED Mon 14-Sep-09 20:08:28

It was also easier to speak to women who I dont know that well than my closer friends as people I hardly knew shared their experiences.

CakeandFineWine Mon 14-Sep-09 20:08:31

thank you, here's hoping,
I work with a right mixed bunch so will just have to bite the bullet and see how it goes I guess.....

cazzybabs Mon 14-Sep-09 20:09:12

I went back .. I was fine apart from in moments of quiet and when people came to say how sorry they were.

The other thing that would catch my off guard is I would think ohh last time I did this I was pregnant etc..

good luck...tomorrow will be the worst.

TwoIfBySea Mon 14-Sep-09 20:12:00

When I returned to work after an ectopic pregnancy I had a one-to-one with my team manager. It meant that if I had to, and there were times, I could disappear off into the toilet for a moment - but we were a very supportive team to each other so I hope in your situation you can sort something out.

KEAWYED Mon 14-Sep-09 20:12:31

I agree I struggled with a lot of the last time I done this I was pregnant scenarios even walking down a certain road or reading a magazine!!

Poncherello Mon 14-Sep-09 21:07:56

Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow, you can always go home if you feel upset. It's one day at a time isn't it?

Even if some people do know, they'll understand how brave you've been getting through such a hard time and coming back to work x

Mouette Tue 15-Sep-09 16:38:01

I went back after 10 days after a mc at 17 weeks. It was hard, and I cried quite a bit at first, but it got better. Most people were very supportive. I think perhaps being British we are afraid of showing our emotions - but if you cry, you cry - plenty of people come back after a bereavement and a mc is no different. Take it one day, one hour at a time, try to focus on the work, go to the loo and have a good cry if you need to. Others will understand. Good luck xx

preciouslillywhite Tue 15-Sep-09 17:13:46

I went back after two weeks, like you. Unfortunately mistimed it to coincide with the day someone else left to start her maternity leave...

You'll be able to do it. Just slip off to the toilet for a weep every hour or so.

I found, although it hadn't been obviously broadcasted round the place,a couple of women I didn't know well very discreetly came and told me about their mcs. This helped more than I would have expected.

Good luck.

KEAWYED Tue 15-Sep-09 20:19:40

How did it go today?

preciouslillywhite Tue 15-Sep-09 21:18:48

Sorry love didn't check the dates and realise that "tomorrow" was today...

hope was bearable.

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