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MMC want to be referred for surgical management

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waspylady Sat 12-Sep-09 12:11:14

hello all

I was diagnosed with a mmc on 1st Sept and notified the doctors the next day. I called them on 7th Sept to ask to be referred for surgical mgt as nothing had happened and the waiting is driving me crazy. (Called hospital directly and they said I have to be referred by GP)

Since then I've received 2 ante-natel appts through the post from the Royal free so clearly they don't know about the mmc.

Question is, how long does it take to get referred for a proceedure? I'm waiting for the Royal Free in Hampstead in London.

Thanks, the waiting is soooooo difficult......

EldonAve Sat 12-Sep-09 12:13:40

who diagnosed your mmc? they should be able to refer you direct
have you already asked your GP to refer you?

it is normal for one hosp dept to have no clue what another is doing so you will probably need to cancel the antenatal appts yourself

hoops997 Sat 12-Sep-09 12:52:41

when I was diagnosed with my MMC in May, the EPC that I had a scan at booked my ERPC for the next day, didn't have to go to my GP, not even for a follow up, it was all done by the sorry for your loss

randomimposter Sat 12-Sep-09 13:18:29

Waspy, that sounds poor treatment to me...

I had a MMC nearly 3 weeks ago; I had my scan at Kings, they called my local hospital for me, whilst I was still there. The EPU there had called me and left me a voicemail when I turned my phone back on leaving Kings.

I was at the EPU the next day, I had the ERPC the following day. So less than 48 hours after my scan I had already had the ERPC.

I can't praise all the medical staff enough.

So sorry for your loss, but also for the waiting and uncertainty you are still going through. It's hard enough to deal with a loss, but all the delay just makes it worse...

waspylady Sat 12-Sep-09 19:02:47

Thanks for all the replies. I had the scan at a private clinic but went to see my GP the next day. She was very vague and didn't seem to even know what the options were......

I phoned the GP surgery after to ask to be referred to the hospital but it seems like they haven't done anything as that was about a week ago now.

Now I know things should happen sooner I'll stop waiting for a letter and go to the GP's again tomorrow to demand some action.

As I said I did try phoning the hospital but they said you can only refer yourself if you are pregnant, not if you are not.

And you are right this being in limbo and waiting and not knowing what to expect is really the worst thing. I just really want to move on.......

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