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Bleeding at 5.5 wks but it's stopped - when will I be able to find out if I am/will mc?

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QuietlyTTC Sun 06-Sep-09 08:42:24

I had some bleeding and cramps yesterday at 5.5 weeks preg but it has all stopped again

I know they won't be able to tell me anything from a scan now but is there anything else they can do to tell if I have miscarried?

The out of hours doc yesterday just told me to do a preg test but I thought they could stay +ve for some time after mc anyway

All advice welcomed

QuietlyTTC Sun 06-Sep-09 10:43:11


beanie35 Sun 06-Sep-09 11:09:56

Hello. I feel for you at this worrying time. You are right to think that a test can still show + for several weeks (5 weeks for me after my mc).

Bleeding doesn't have to mean that you are having a miscarriage though, it can happen for other reasons too. I would get in touch with your gp on monday morning and ask for a referall to the epu (early pregnancy unit) at your local hospital, they can give you more info as to what might be happening.

Try and rest today and if you begin to lose what you feel is alot of blood or have worsening pains go to you a&e dept.

Thinking of you.

QuietlyTTC Sun 06-Sep-09 11:49:07

thanks beanie35

I'm not sure there is much point going to the epu if they can't see anything useful on a scan at this early stage

Ours is a show up and wait service so can take hours

Joolsiam Sun 06-Sep-09 11:55:44

I MC'ed at 5.5 weeks and the bleeding was lighter than normal AF but I had a day of severe backache and cramping - I knew though because I saw one large clot

It can go either way I think. I had an internal scan at 6 weeks exactly and the sonographer said they would have at least seen a thickened lining.

Sooo, I would either wait till 6 weeks, or ask if you can have a blood HCG test - if you do them 48 hours apart, the levels should be doubling.

The waiting is so horrible I hope it works out

Heathcliffscathy Sun 06-Sep-09 11:57:11

oh i am so so sorry...

and jools, i know exactly how awful seeing the one big clot is

QuietlyTTC Sun 06-Sep-09 12:12:39

Does the HCG blood test still double if you have a mmc?

Joolsiam Sun 06-Sep-09 12:45:33

I think at the stage you are at, the HCG may be increasing, but not doubling, or it may stay static.

With the MC I mentioned, I started worrying something was wrong when the Clearblue test kept saying PG 1 - 2 weeks, even when I knew I was over 5 weeks pg, so it should have been 2 - 3 at least

QuietlyTTC Sun 06-Sep-09 13:07:02

Thanks Jools

I've already had 2 mmc so don't feel confident that my body will start to mc properly iykwim

hoops997 Sun 06-Sep-09 14:03:01

I had bleeding/pains right from the off, my EPU have been fab.....I had a scan at 5 weeks and they could see thickening of my lining, sonographer said that all was good, then starting bleeding again at 6 weeks, I'm talking blood gushing, I thought that it was game over but got scanned again and saw heartbeat!!!

Am now 10 weeks 2 days after a MMC in fingers crossed everything goes well for you........and they still can't explain the bleeding

Don't give up hope and don't underestimate the power of positive thinking....thinking of you

QuietlyTTC Sun 06-Sep-09 15:58:50

thanks hoops

Mouette Sun 06-Sep-09 19:59:39

The earliest a heartbeat can be detected is 6 weeks, however in many cases you have to wait until 7 weeks. An early scan or a blood test might help as other posts have said. I had bleeding on and off throughout the first trimester in both my pregnancies, and it turned out to be fine, so I think there is hope yet, but it is very hard to have to wait not knowing. All the best x

QuietlyTTC Mon 07-Sep-09 10:26:19

Thanks Mouette

AmyBeth Sat 12-Sep-09 13:18:34

Hey im 16 & my fiance and i have just found out that we are having our first baby! We are over the moon and all the family are sooo happy for us! (i was shocked too coz im so young!)
I found out i was pregnant yesterday but i had light pink/brown spotting last night, i thought nothing of it as this is common aparently. I woke up this morning to thicker red/pink blood but now i only see it when i wipe. I cant see the doctor til monday & im going out of my mind with worry.I wrang NHS direct and a nurse isnt gonna call me for another 6 hours because they are so busy, im terrified. I dont have any cramps and i dont feel ill and there is no tissue or clots or anything. I am a little underweight for my height & age but i shouldnt think this will harm my baby? i dont drink or smoke but i have been very stressed out recently. My mum thinks i have miscarried which has put me into a negative frame of mind. Im 4 1/2 weeks i think as i havent been to the doctors yet. Please, have i miscarried? :'(

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