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Hcg levels dropped but ultrasound is good

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Daynee Tue 01-Sep-09 01:57:45

Hey ladies - I'd like to thank all of you who have written for your support and kind words. And now I'd like to say that I'm totally confused and not at all postive about my present situation. I'm 6 weeks preggers, had hcg levels taken last week. First was 4,500 (aprox), then a few days later it was 4,100, then a few days after that it was the same - 4,100. I thought for sure I'd be starting to miscarry soon. So went in for a scan today and saw the baby's heartbeat shock and it measured 6 weeks, as it is supposed to be. My doc was saying he just doesn't know what's going on hmm but everything looks good. He said I'm quite the challenge because he can't figure it out. I'm very skeptical because I've had 3 mc's and anticipated I would soon have my 4th sad...I still feel like I just doesn't make sense. I took another blood test today and will get results soon...and another scan next week. I just wanted to know if any of you have had any experience with this?

Marrenon Tue 01-Sep-09 02:04:40

sorry to hear this sad

could it be an ectopic pregnacy?

did they mention that?

i was treated for an eptopic with pg no 2,

i hope you get the best result you could hope for x

Daynee Tue 01-Sep-09 02:10:11

Thanks Marrenon,
The doctor said no there is no ectopic pregnancy, as he saw my bean on the ultrasound today (in my uterus)...

ZippysMum Tue 01-Sep-09 06:16:02

Hi Daynee,
Sorry to hear about this - must be quite a rollercoaster for you.

Perhaps the drop in HcG was from a second pregnancy sac that had begun to form but has now stopped developing / been reabsorbed. This would explain the drop in HcG and then the subsequent rise (from the pregnancy sac that is continuing to develop). There doesn't have to be any bleeding if a 'twin' is lost (though there may be, so don't panic if you have some blood loss). They call this 'vanishing twin', and it is quite common in the early weeks, apparently. (Because most people don't have the serial HcG tests, or very early scans, they don't know it has happened. I know about it because I found out at 6w I was having twins, and I was warned that I was still at risk of losing one of them).

There's no reason why the continuing pregnancy should be affected at all if a second sac had been lost / reabsorbed. I think the only thing to do is hold tight for the next few weeks, and wait for the scans to tell you exactly what is going on. I have a good friend who lost a triplet at 7 weeks and went on to carry her healthy twins to term.

The very best of luck!

ChoChoSan Tue 01-Sep-09 11:40:54

Hi Daynee,

I don't know what this is about, but perhaps Zippy's mum has the right answer.

Just wanted to drop in and say 'fingers crossed'...if the baby's growing + hb then it looks very good, but it must be so stressful for you after previous mc's!!

Daynee Tue 01-Sep-09 15:35:51

Thank you ladies. Yes, I've read about the vanishing twin - who knows? I don't know if my hcg has risen yet though but we'll see. I did read this cool article. I pasted the link below if anyone is interested. Apparently, hcg tests are sometimes not a good indicator and can fluctuate, which causes a lot of worry - especially if you've had recurrent miscarriage! _30.html

starkadder Thu 10-Sep-09 19:59:00

hi Daynee

A friend of a friend had low HCG levels and was told she would miscarry and should book a D&C - she ignored them and she now has a lovely healthy baby

Good luck.

jain82 Sun 11-Oct-09 20:03:45

i i dunno if anyone has had this but i had a mc on 15 aug and then found out i was pregnant again on the 21st sep i was very shocked it had happened again! but then on the 2nd oct i started spotting i freaked out as i didnt think i could cope with another mc so soon.. my first hcg was 389 then my second was 537 and my third was 409 but i had a scan the same day as the third hcg test and they told me i was very early and that the sac was in the correct place and was the right shape and size and was also well embedded in the lining of my uterus! as the hcg had dropped it was not looking good and i have to have another scan in 5 days from today ( 10 days after last 1. the bleeding is still there and did get a little heavier after my scan as it was an internal but has eased off a bit i have been bleeding for 9 days now and had no cramps or clots! im really confused to whats going on just wondering if anyone has had anything similar and what was the outcome???

stephie101 Mon 19-Oct-09 14:35:52

Jain82 I am going through excactly the same situation at the moment, youve not posted since 11th oct, so wondering what your outcome has been....xx

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